The Controller


United States
39° 5' 57.9192" N, 104° 50' 1.6368" W

The controlling controller roams in 

her controlling world, thinkinking highly

of the crazy cool adventurous odesseys 

she embarks on.


Her blanket is her cape to escape 

from the pressing plight that never

fails to cautiously follow her.


The tea she sips slowly serves 

as the warmth that is dearth. WIth a pinch

of chamomile, canella, or cloud & mist and a 

teaspoon of sugar that is sweet,

makes problems fade.


She stares at the lingering night

wishing upon a star to go to Mars

to discovers all that is unknown.


As she shuts her eyes to go to sleep

after working restlessly on her homework she begins

to define that that there is more to lines and fines

that constantly invade her mind. 


Thus the conrolling controller will continue

to roam in her world to shape the dreams

that seem to one day be her reality. 

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