The Escape Artist


As a elementary student I read books to get gold medals
It was for competition, climbing academic levels
However my competitiveness turned into a love affair 
Books became my escape from despair 
I'm an only child, no confidant but I was never lonely
Bestie the book, it was my truth, never phoney
I caress the binding, stroke the curves
Turning the pages,reading the words
Its bittersweet when I read
In my heart each book sows  a seed
The anticipation of the start, the ending I dread
The roller-coaster of emotions and yet I'll never sever the thread 
That leads to my solace
I delve deeper into the pages finding my inner peace
Doubts, worries and fears that meddle
In my mind the chaotic thoughts settle 
And for a time I can unwind
Reading is my life line
My 911 that saves me every time
Encasing me in a protective shrine
From the troubles of my reality
Giving me a surreal duality
Real world I leave, enter the world of imagination
Where the characters and places of my books start my rehabilitation
I'm Houdini with the biggest magic trick yet, escaping life woes
So effortlessly weaving the blows
Of pain
Books keep me sane
When it rains it pours
Books my umbrella sheltering with its lore
The words deliver me from evil
Causing a massive upheaval
I run free, book in hand grasping my salvation
Nestled close to my heart, a relocation
Away from the nonsense
Books are life’s recompense 
And I am forever grateful
Beloved books, I'm so thankful
My hearts song
In a Barnes & Nobles, a Library where I belong
Here I cant feel crappy
Surrounded by books I'm deliriously happy
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