Not Flawless, Human


I am not perfect, for I am human,
I envy, I hate, I love, and I fear,
What worth can be seen in my living years?

I am not flawless, for I am human,
But I’m loyal, I’m caring, and I’m here,
Trying to safeguard foreign eyes from tears,

I can never be perfect, or flawless,
Not by the definitions that we give,
Because to err is human, our base trait,

But striving for perfection is innate,
So by our positive traits we should live,
In our strengths should we take solace,

I am human, therefore not flawless,
And that’s okay, because now, in a way,
My weaknesses have been fully explained,

I am human, therefore not perfect,
But despite my human flaws, I have strengths,
So why must we go to such extreme lengths?

There’s pressure in perfection, stress as well,
However, there’s comfort in humanity,
You aren’t alone, a sense of amity.


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