Unveil the Mask

Mon, 11/03/2014 - 16:00 -- Jocosa


Believe what your eyes see, then you are a fool.

Each of us hides something, almost like it's a rule.

Hide it or risk ostracism, hide it or risk criticism.

I am not being bitter, this is not cynicism.

No, I simply speak the truth, I'm sorry if it sounds bleak to you.

Don't tell me you haven't hidden before, that would simply be untrue.


Tell me who you are, aren't you tired of wearing that mask?

Honestly, I am, but then again, you didn't ask.

Everyone is hiding, but with me, you don't have to.


Come to me, for I am just like you.

Uncertain, concealing myself out of view.

Rejection holds me back from sharing my mind

Traps me, keeps me alone, away from mankind.

All that I am is kept somewhere backstage, out of the light

I am reserved, I am reticent, I am cautious due to fright.

Now I've revealed my face for the briefest of moments, will you do the same?


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