A Good Book

I lay across the grass, a book in my hands

A breeze spreads over me as I am transported to a different land.

There are wizards, and dragons, and warriors galore

I turn every page for trolls, faries and more

With each second that passes by the story comes to life,


The adventures become complex, and the warriors struggle in strife.

I cling to every word, heart racing in fright

The events are unfolding and my pulse is pounding with might.

Only a few more pages until the very end

The questions are building: Who will die? Who will win?

The suspense is stretched until the final word

A cliffhanger is all that's left, my vision becomes blurred.


And even though the tears may run down my face, and my heart broken in two

I'm in love with the story, it's beauty is bold, stunning and new.

I love a good book, escpecially if I laugh and cry

For every tear in favor of a character that dies

Is a tear that shows an author has done their job.


If I can feel myself falling in love and laughing,  with sword drawn, at every mob

And if I can feel the impact of pain as my friend whispers their final lines

Then it all adds to a gentle reminder of how short we live in this space of time.


A book is a symbol of serenity, where peace and fantasy collide

Despite the genre, one can be entrapted in the literary ride.

Reading is an adventure that brings me overwhelming ecstacy,

Relaxing anywhere with a good place is simply-

The best place to be.  


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