My Positive Mask


I have no shame of who I am.

and people see me but despite of my wonderful soul, i am invisible to those who are important.

I am to true to myself but I still hide behind a mask. 

I can walk around others and be invisible but as I pass a window I touch my mask and ask

"Is that really you? Why are you so happy?"

The mask replies,"Because nothing is wrong in the world and everyone loves you and who you are."

If everyone loves me, then why am I so alone. Behind this mask, I have a brewing thunderstorm ready to rage on!

I want to scream and shout to see who notices me! I want to show all my emotions and not be judged. 

I have every right to feel this way because of all these frustrations that are eating me away.

If I was an outsider watching my life, I would see myself, and see that there is nothing wrong, the girl who is full of happiness.

Life is not all rainbows, cotton candy, and glitter but I make it seem as if it is.

I come back to myself and the mask. 

I am determined to be me, full of emotion and passing life obstacles with tears, smiles, sadness, and laughter.

I look at the mask. The mask looks at me. Our smile shares a secret.

I pull of my mask and I look at the window and I smile as a tear rolls down my cheek as I see myself. 

I greet my reflection and touch my cheek.

I smile at an old friend and my heart fills with hope.

I have every right to feel this way. I do matter to many people and they matter to me enough to share myself with them. 

I throw the mask into the air and I walk the down towards the future. 



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