Hide But Don't Seek


It's fair to say that at some point we all hide behind a curtain,

scared to show others the real person behind the mask,

because we live in such a judgmental world,

being true to yourself isn't always an easy task.


We feel like we have to run away,

because it's easier to hide than be found,

to pretend that we're something we're not,

and just pray that nobody comes around.


Sometimes we even hide the truth from ourselves,

we lose who we actually are,

trying not to be fully seen,

and bottle our true feelings up in a jar.


We are afraid that others won't accept us,

but I've learned that people's opinions of me don't matter,

because if my peers don't accept the true me,

I don't deserve for my self-esteem to shatter.


Come out from behind that mask,

be proud of your true self,

don't hide anything from other people out of fear,

because they are probably still hiding their secrets on a shelf.


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