To The Suffering


To those who are in constant despair

To those who are harassed for the way they can’t help but feel

To those who are young, old, have passed, not yet born

To those who a majority of people undermine

To those who slice their skin for whatever reason; to relieve the pain, feel alive,

See red

To those who self harm in any kind of way

To those who have been abused and broken

To those who can’t simply get back up once knocked down

To those who have tried their best but can’t move on

To those who can’t get out of bed because of the overwhelming feel of dread

To those who feel unsafe in schools

To those who feel unsafe at home

To those who feel disgusting in their own skin

To those who feel abandoned and have nothing left

To those who feel worthless and insignificant

To those who wish to no longer be alive - dead

To those who suffer just like me:

I know it’s difficult to get through the days

That seem to pass by slowly, as the pain grows

There’s nowhere to turn, only thing to do is hide

Sometimes it would be better to just end it all

But it’s not so easy

I wish I could meet every one of you


And tell you how much you really are worth

I wish I could help you through these hard times

So you know you’re not alone

I wish I could give you all big warm hugs

Since some of you might not remember what friendly human touch

Is like

I wish I could go back to those who passed

And stop them from taking their own lives

I wish I could take all of your burdens away

And help all of you win the fight

For Life

Because every single last one of you deserves happiness, to find the light

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Our world
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