A World


We live in a world of neglect.

No one cares about love and respect.

Why trust when we’ve been broken?

Why speak just to be outspoken?


We live in a world of self-hatred.

People are making us feel outdated.

They say, “The way you look means more,"

Because that’s what men search for.


We live in a world of dollar signs.

Riches above a daughter’s cries…

Happiness over a counter, right?

We start to lose our guiding light.


We live in a world of notifications.

Everyone impatiently waiting,

Because a text or a post

Is really what matters most.


We live in a world of imperfection.

Hate for flaws, but love for correction.

It’s hard to be beautiful in your own skin,

When we can hear the opinions of men.


My mask that covers me is the world.

“You are mysterious,” says Fitzgerald.

How can I show my true colors in darkness?

People will always be curtains, regardless.


Let’s live in a world of true liberty.

Love yourself and your responsibilities.

Don’t pretend to be normal or the same,

When you can bring sanity to the word insane.


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