Leaf On The Water


A girl who wears the dorky glasses that everyone seems to love. 

Because the look she presents fits her personality exactly the way it’s supposed to

They see this perfect little nerdy angel, she doesn’t have any problems.

In class she doesn’t speak a word so no one can really get to know her

She comes to school being the best her she can present, puts on the smiley face and walks around like the invisible girl.

When you get to know her she isn’t afraid to tell you whats on her mind.

She lets you know exactly how she’s feeling, doesn’t hold everything inside.

She giggles and she can laugh but, at school she’s just the girl with the glasses thats quiet in class.

She finds speaking to others an issue because she can’t show them her true light.

She can sing, she can dance and she sure as hell can act

Because no one knows the troubles she’s faced in her life

She just floats by like a leaf on water waiting to flow down the right river. 

She is me.


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