The Struggles of Hiding

Tell me why more than fifty percent of us live in the shadows.

Merely "skeletons hiding in paint" as Monet would describe.

We humans believe too much in how we "fit in"

so much an alternate character conceals us and they rise

An actor uses masks for an advantage 

but for teens it is an alluring disguise.

The world becomes the major enemy

as teens are pushed into the front lines.

Some battle while others hide.

Those that hide are unfortunate fugitives 

forced to assimulate

because society isn't 

open to any type of differences.

Everyday on Facebook, i see

statuses, quotes, and photos of the same thing.

"Don't be decieved by the smile we percieve."

It's the trend of tradegy.

Our generation and the next 

stand in the back ground waiting for a lead.

Then I think

"I've done the same."

I confess that i'm part of this.

I cringe, lie, smile just to survive 

I wish I didn't but really I hide.

My "image " is strong, fearless,

"Miss Goodie Two-Shoes"

sophmore year, since the tenth grade.

See I moved into a small town

Bloomington or Fontana

whichever you prefer

And well this was a chance to create

a new name to an old one

But it was the same

and in every which way

It didn't bug me until i had to take the stage.

I had to be perfection and give in to everyone's demand

Or else i'll be that jerk that didn't give damn.

Pleasing people was the way I stood back

I hated it yet I was accepting this.

I tried and tried

to do what was right.

Right was doing things for only me. 

Selfish, vain, and horrible hospitality

"Was I a maid to everyone's case?!"

I knew I wasn't this "hero"

I was better than that

in the most human way.

I made mistakes

that i live with to this day.

But i'm happy

because those mistakes were all proof i need

I did things for myself and i'm proud.

I took the mask of Perfect

and embraced my skin.

Freeing myself now.




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