Curtain of Steel


A solemn tribute to Society,

traveling in silence,

avoiding gazes, conflict.

Curtain of Camouflage.


Misinterpretation leads a nation,

deceit grows infectious,

killing souls day by day.

Curtain of Lies.


Meaningless conversations,

filling voids

though not yet realized.

Curtain of Fakes.


No one knows how,

or why, and yet

no one asks, cares.

Curtain of Interrogatives.


The common misconception

of this generation,

judgment shames all.

Curtain of Fear.


Leaving no one untouched

by critical comments,

leaving unanswered questions.

Curtain of Frustration.


Who am I anymore?

I know who I was,

which is now hidden.

Curtain of Uncertainty.


Society shuns the idea

of being unique,

always blend in.

Curtain of Conformity.


When all else fails,

just put on your mask,

ignore what they say.

Oh, Curtain of Steel.


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