Things That I Love


Things I love can't be summed up

But I can say one is the sight of my pup

When she wags her tail at me

After a long day, but sadly, the only thing I want to see

Is my bed, and the feel of a clean crisp sheet

I climb in and think, of everything I love


I think of the cool I feel after burying into the sand my hot feet

Seeing a toilet after holding it

When my feet hurt and I finally sit

Watching trees sway

The squishy way

The pumpkin guts feel between my fingers

I squish them and think, of everything I love


I think of the taste of sparkling cider and the bubbles on my lips that linger

The smell of my dear

Or when my mom brings me near

For a hug that I need 

Oh how she takes heed

I bury my face in her neck 

As she holds me close I think, of everything I love


I think of holding a birthday check

I think of the shock of cold I feel when I dip my toes in a mountain stream

The smell of the first rain, better than a dream

The smell of a new car

Being home after going far

The feel of electricity during a storm

I watch the sky and think, of everything I love


Watching a ballroom dancer's form

The caw of gulls and crash of waves

The gentle drip echoing from wet caves

The steady hum of the dryer from my clothes

Even the smell of cow poop, I suppose

As I remember my childhood home I think, of everything I love.

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