A Façade of Multiple Sorts

Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain

Peeking is not allowed.

You want to see her?


Well you can’t.


Direct your attention instead to the façade standing before you

She’s much more appealing.

She was created to be such

The woman hiding behind is encased in my heart

And the curtain-my body.


He can’t.


If you want

You see glimpses of her interwoven in the scars flecked across her skin

Embattled, perplexed

Sins carefully, seductively whispered

The thin white lines caressing her proportions

The tears in the curtain

Yielding true tales of what lie her life has become

But don’t look


Because they can’t.


Pull back the curtain and what would you think?

Scared, scarred, would you be jarred?

Will the darkness creep in…


Will the sunshine seep in…

Or is the curtain rusted in place?


We tried, we can’t.


Instead, lie in wait.



Maybe I can. 


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