Flawless Imperfections


Look into the mirror,

What do you see?


You are only 16,

Yet society makes you doubt your beauty.

Why do we need pounds of make up?

Why do we insist on having fake hair?

Why do you need to lose 20 pounds?


Are we the generation of "perfect" robots?

Are we content with beating ideas into the heads of teenagers to be insecure,

Because God forbid that you are happy with yourself?

When will society accept the fact that those "imperfections" are what makes you human.

Who decides what perfection is to you, besides you?

How will others be able to see your beauty if you can't see it for yourself?

Those flawless imperfections make you who you are.

Don't change for society, because society will never be satisfied.

Now look into the mirror,

See "I'm perfect" rather than imperfect.

Because you are flawless.

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