Simply Flawless


Look at me

What do you see?

Young, black, short, mean

Somewhere in between? 


I look in the mirror

You know what I see?

A queen

Staring back at me


Not the tallest

Not the smartest

Far from it

But I'm flawless


My mind is a weapon

My thoughts are ammo

My face has no expression

Mask on, camo


My body is a temple

My hands are a tool

My spirit unresentful

My heart a jewel


What you fail to see

I'm more than accusations

Your ignorant perception of me

I excuse your desperation


I'm flawless

Not a model

A daughter and sister

Successful, educated, born sinner


Heart of a lion

Crown on my head

Role out the carpet

Preferably red


I woke up like this

Look at the list

Beyoncé said it best

Simply flawless

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