Pull Back The Curtain


The stories of the Greek Theatre

All hidden deep in the shadows of the backstage curtains

Comedies and tragedies

There isn't much of a difference between 

Who you are and 

Who you pretend to be

So you ask yourself,

"Is the mirror really lying to me?" or

"Is it me lying to the mirror?"

With this oh so fake perception of who you are

Along with these made-up stories of the scars you bear

Convering up the truth to make yourself out to be someone you arent

Fabricating the truth with pretty colors,

Bright pinks,

Vibrant blues, and

Blood reds

Have often been apart of your tragedies

But the only thing crippling you from being the "real" you is...

Your fear to be the best "you" you can be

Is your fear of your own capabilites,

Is the fear of judgement

Because yes,

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." 

And because no one seems to notice it 

But you, you shy away from the real you

The "you" that you deserve to be

So its time to pull back that curtain!

And demand the attention of the world around you

And show them the you

That you love so deeply.

The weird you that laughs for no reason

The crazy you that has random anger spasms

The loving you that always seem to love too much and always ends up hurt that later

Turns into the emotional you that can cry in an instant but doesn't

Because the hard core you wont let you

But you can never seem to stay down for long

Before you're overpowered by the bubbly person you are

The one that enjoys hugs and giggles

So now its time...

To embrace my tradegies

Because never have I ever let it shine over the smiles my comedy has created 

And never have I ever let it roar louder than the laughter my comedy caused

Because I have decided

To brighten the world

With the me, I deserve to be.



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