Protection from Isolation

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 22:03 -- Holly17

Outside is an illusion,

While inside shows reality.

Outside is accepted and liked,

While inside is hidden and safe.


Inside is tainted with past mistakes,

Embarrassed of weak moments.

Outside is always laced in confidence,

Covered with a bright smile.


Both are loving,

Filled with service towards neighbors.

Both are dreamers,

Aiming for nothing less than the stars.

Both love adventures,

Living life to the fullest.

Both love learning,

Gaining knowledge at all times.


There is always a curtain to protect

To hide the less perfect attributes.

We all have weakness within,

Yet does that define who we are?


Am I good if I make a bad decision?

Am I healthy if I have had depression?

Am I friendly if I do not like someone?

Am I tainted by what is hidden?


I know the person I am, but they do not.

If they knew all of me, would I be alone?



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