Tiny Planets


This infinite self

resonating through eternity.

I made you both from scratch

and you are both so much more

than me.


My sweet serious boy

who hates mess

and craves preservation.

Finally asleep, thank god.


Even as I sit over this glass of wine

and sigh...deep relief...

I want to sweep you into my arms

once again.


Your fierce and bold sister

sleeps soundly,

and I tiptoe through the house,

so as not to wake the dragon.


I love you both so much

I could scream.

I am no longer myself. 

 I am still a person,

but I am more than that.


I am a transport ship.

I am a creator of life,

of the future of humanity.

It makes me feel important.

And so very small.


With this ever flowing


We cannot be created or



In that truth is comfort.

Life is too big for my small mind.

So many mysteries,

yet to be uncovered.







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