The Girl Behind The Mask

Sun, 11/02/2014 - 00:43 -- shileen








Who am I you ask?

You can’t tell I’m the girl with the mask,

Who can laugh and smile like the rest,

But yet hide away in the back of class,

Like a luminescent ghost that’s truly depressed.

I’m the girl who likes to read and write,

And spend her time devoted to art,

But yet at school I fall apart,

And become the girl that loves to talk.

I can tell you that the mask can hide,

All that I seek inside.

But when you see all the rest,

You know I’m not even close to the best.

I’m the girl you used to mock in the hall,

and would be laughed at whenever I’d fall,

Wow, how you made me feel small!

You bullies have created the mask,

And hid who I was in the past.

Who am I you ask?

                                      I answer to, “The Girl With The Mask”


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