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Seasons change,But all to quickly.Right when skin starts to boil,The ice pierces ever so strictly. 
Lost WorldsI have lost worlds.Whole worldsWhole realitiesThat are no longer realities.Lovers who have stopped loving.Friends who no longer walk with me.Dreams that flourished and perished.Power that was felt and then drifted away.Youth that gave w
Accepting what we cannot change only works When what we cannot change is acceptable Otherwise, there is misery or apathy But don't you dare be serene  
Accepting what we cannot change only works When what we cannot change is acceptable Otherwise, there is misery or apathy But don't you dare be serene  
I have to keep reminding myself that I knew that this was not going to be an easy task, And it is simple to keep it together during the day, but lose it at night when you take off your mask.
Stark white beaches contrasting glasslike water enchants; drawing many souls close, so close they are engulfed in it. Hopelessly consumed selfishly by the veneer opting to idle
The older I get, the more I realized that there is nothing more precious than time, And I have finally realized that I no longer want to waste mine. For so long, I cared too much about what people thought about me,
The older I get, the more I realize that there is nothing more precious than time, And that once I let it go, I can never get back something that is no longer mine.
For far too long now, I have been letting people get in my head and try and bring me down, But I am finally at the point where I am taking back control, and I am turning it all around.
It’s a mans world or is it a mad world, I wonder what would happen if it should all turn to ashes from fires of notes burning amidst a society going cashless, while practices of patience become dated and wisdom is scorned as aging prophets no long
Sometimes moving on can be one of the scariest things that you force yourself to do, But it is the only way that you can move on and try to see things through.
Think different. With my hands to my heart and my heart open wide, Think different. It’s the way I️ try but everything seems to coincide going side by side the only way I️ know to survive I️m trying, to think different.
It took me a long time to realize that no matter what you do, you can not please everyone, And that you will only drive yourself crazy trying to accomplish this because it is a task that will never be done.
It took me a long time to realize that there is only so much that you can blame others for, And that if you want to change your life, it is up to you to be the one to close that door.
Snap was all that was heard,A hunter misses his bird, He cursed the twig asunder,Reaching for his powder and plunger, lost though his chance at a partridge,He continued, Bit off his cartridge,
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
It took me a long time to realize how much holding on to the past destroys you, Because you never allow yourself to see things from another point of view.
Take me back                            please.   All this wisdom has made me weary.   Like a sickness,        it's etched into my lungs.    And like rust,         it blooms between my joints.
For the past year or so, I have not been feelling like who I used to be, And no matter how hard I tried, I was not okay when I just tried to be me. I kept doubting myself, and I became someone that I did not recognize,
Humanity Began Its End When Value Had A Face  Worth Had No Cost Pricelessness Reaches Attainable, As Worthlessness Became The Currency  Of Forgotten Souls Whose Hearts 
I died a million times  That day packed with so many Pairs of eyes that it dazzled  When I swallowed so much water That I’ll never go thirsty again
Do you ever question if life will ever change?
Do you ever question if life will ever change?
You must change You're doing yourself a favor Your life is a story Your voice is the narrator Life is what you make it Create your reality Don't speak negative
He gave me a cup and said Take a sip and my lips you’ll never miss. I looked at him and took a sip. Something wasn’t right. He seen the worry in my eyes and reassured me everything was alright.
The halls crowd around me As I push through bodies and backpacks My feet fall lightly On the dirty concrete floor Students laugh Students cry Everyone is lost In their own self-centeredness
Changing Growing cold Closing off Lowering my expecations I am changing because I want you to see me I am changing because I want you to love me I am changing because I know it's not possible
What is this... This measure of gravity is more than I can bear for long. The waves wash stinging salt water into my nose, Knocking me down when think my sea legs are established. I've travelled many miles and days,
Well a lifetime slipped right on by Underneath my wing In the space between youth and it's timeless lies A lifetime found its way ahead of me One more time I thought i'd outrun it
Mitt hus   Det huset, biblioteket på Skogås, Och dessa vägar med musikaliska namn, Runt andas jag av fur och gran. Här, på fuktigt lövverket umgås Och leker, springer, babblar barn.  
A sunny autumns day in October The gentle whistle of the mornings breeze The ground camouflaged with orange and brown leaves.   The sound of the protesters marching in masses,
Grip me tighter, Im drifting from afar He has his hooks in me, saying no is the hard part. I need your kind of love to rebuild my broken heart. Don't give up on me before we've given it a fair start.
You are the greatest secret kept from yourself. It is in hiding your Light that you become lost. It is in resisting the moment,
thumbs   running circles around each other   take a break from pulling heartstrings.   i graze your veins   feeling every jolt of electricity pulsing through them.  
You gave us teenage revolutionaries,  fighting against dictators  against governments  that didn’t listen  wouldn’t listen 
honeysuckle lips   almost touching mine, but not quite   they drip below   the crook of my nose,   slide down,                     down,  
It’s time I’m about to get my shit together  I’m going to do what I want to do You can shout your words at me   But your words don’t feed me
Bumped again by crowds she freezes Surprised by people all around She scans the swathe of nameless faces But the one she wants cannot be found.   A small hand tugs upon her sleeve—
She stared into the sky above her with a fire in her eyes Days, weeks, months had passed since that day After hours sat by a window watching the rain floating heavy to the ground
These Days I'm ... SICK of People ... !!! Saying That ... "They've CHANGED !?!" …
Nature disappeared Birds aren’t chirping anymore Bees are not buzzing We must do something Our World is in need of change
What happened if everything was small, Who cares if you were that tall, How did you battle and still not fall, When you decided to roll up like a ball, Where should you pick up that call,
Happiness is something that has to come from within, If you keep looking around for it, you will be disappointed with the way that it could have been. It can be hard to be genuinely happy in a world that is so uncertain,
Okay Okay ... So It’s Time For A Change ... And A System Upgrade ... ALL Because of This Corona Strain ... That’s Causing People PAIN ... !!!
Parents, teach your daughters. Don't let them walk through life Like this broken girl before you. Who did not know her rights to leave,  To let that word, No, so bitter on her tongue, pass through her lips.
The waters will still flow, Snow will still melt, The wind will still blow, We are all harnessed to a life belt.   The sun will still shine, The moon will still rise, Must be fate’s design
Dove  Freedom    A   silky   bird    Delivers   a   message      From   either   side    Fly    Fly    Fly      Wind      Rain  Snow  Sun    So   tired 
Dove  Freedom    A   silky   bird    Delivers   a   message      From   either   side    Fly    Fly    Fly      Wind      Rain  Snow  Sun    So   tired 
I wish I could look at the ocean and see the waves crashing against the shore, but I can't.Instead I see the plastic polluting our oceans. I think about sea creatures dying.
I don’t care who gets offended but I stand by it. You the Government!! You are all a bunch of cowards! You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work,
Nothing stays the same  Everything can change in a blink of an eye    I am a witness   No one likes to confront the inevitability of change  So we say things like:
Jack and Jill grew up in the south, Where the words were splinters and rolled off chalk white mouths. The people would shout and throw hands in the air, With signs made at home, for anyone who cared.  Jack and Jill rode the bus to school, But had
With open eyes   Just a little thought in another place.It changes the entire structure immediately!   Just a little word in another spot.It changes the whole purpose of content!
Glorified self praise   I like to read my own words,they are of a "special sort"!   Everything else comes only from the outside!From there comes the biggest nonsense!  
Sometimes up, sometimes down   I ask myself; Who i really am.I ask myself; after the true sense.   I feel power; and much more!And yet I feel so often empty.  
Fight for freedom   I only see virtual pictures ...And on all corners only signs!   Sitting in a noble cage.Digitally scratching the days.  
Money, money and money   Where to go with all my money?How much does the whole world cost me?   I am in a material delusion.My mind is beautifully tame.  
The new way   The direction seems determined.Nothing takes my courage anymore.   Sometimes I get stuck and wait,on a mild fateful gift.  
The real criminal   A gangster - Deep in the heart,Deep inside of him is only pain.   The system - so full of contradictions.Only a moment before the collapse.  
Thought lesson   Open the eyes to see.Stretch the legs to stand.   Red, yellow, green - totally the same,poor thoughts - rich thoughts!  
Confused frequencies   My being - so beset and glum.A frequent wave is shifting my mind!   The control from the outside, so strong.The own will - buried in the coffin.  
The divine gift   I always give you only plain view.I always show you only truth!   Good and evil - all without judgment,The truth knocks - she hurries.  
The easy life   I do not need much for life!Because basically it's just a game!   Who know the rules and how to bend them a little,knows how to win in this game!  
Everything foolish?   Who feels the words and listen to the meaning,is justly outraged by this world!   Selfish, deaf and also dumb,the whole humanity is running around!  
Life "under control"   The calm and the strength,holds "that" which creates everything.   The big and the little,it comes of its own!  
Change of the eras   Why do I do this and that?Why am I acting this way and not otherwise?   Do I always have the free choice?Or do I really have the agony each time?  
A lot can happen in a moment. It may be dim, or a change that's brilliant. The end of one life, the start of another; A war waging between sister and brother. Sometimes it's a small change, sometimes large, 
There is something about changing.  It is the realization of who you’ve become and who you want to be. It took me a long time to open my eyes to something I didn’t want to accept. 
The sweet smell of a Saturday summer morning filled my lungsThe sun was rising and the sky was ablaze with the glints of a million birdsIt is 2010. I am at camp- green trees, blue skies, and not a care in the world...  
Flowers need the sun. 
Those who do not have much Are an inspiration to me. They keep fighting. They are as strong as can be. Maybe they believe in hope Or possibilities. They deserve the world.
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
The mind has a funny way of playing tricks on you, Even though you have it planned in your head what you want, your mind still takes over and tells you what to do.
You let your mind fall apart as your kindness labels you a nutjob. “You sit with her at a table all alone because you feel pity for her.”
As I grow up I’m loved My parents always sweet My world a treat Never facing much feats 
As I grow up I’m loved My parents always sweet My world a treat Never facing much feats 
There is only one way to love.  We work and work and still we fail Taking our breaks and trying to resolve  Only to leave each other and devolve  We're cheated and hurt, hoping for someone  Different. 
The inspiration I have gathered and grasped  from the ashes of this exhausted relief  fuels a fire untouchable to man    Rising up as the fire burns inside 
Glaciers are melting  Temperatures are rising Why aren’t people changing We still drive cars
hot. hot wax. burns it all away. i barely even flinch anymore. it's all new. White. Pink. a cooling touch of Green. each stroke of Brown. an angry claw. we dream of change forever.
Inspiration    Inspiration runs through my veins, coursing through my body- into my heart- into my soul- into my brain- it laces the ideas that come out of my mouth impacting myself-
When the gesture of kneeling demands to be heard And the rainbows in the sky earned their own parades, People are excited to check name boxes on paper, While goddesses of the workplace are finally being praised  
Bound with gold,  wine – flush cries,  running here on your prayer. By now If you trust and obey my words:  the evil will be gone by mine own words, 
Biodiversity makes up Earth, that's my decree. Animals big and small don't forget you and me I got a couple things to say about saving the Earth, 
When you are clueless what to do and what not to do When the wall ahead seems too high to cross When the road uphill seems too stiff to climb When the task in hand looks insurmountable to fulfil
It eats at me A constant feeling of wanting something else An empty hollow deep inside that burnt out pit of desire 
Burn choke crack Smoking Crack  To fill the crack  Smells like crack  To just get some smack Id be alive again Feel alive again  Try again  Walking on eggshells 
If I could change times arrows course, I’d hastily retreat it many a face To sail beyond your hearts remorse In search of the pain each morn embraced.
I’m not really much of a poet But know I can talk about a lot of crooked mess Cuz u never know what you’re really capable of Until you’re put thru the right test. 
Metal rings placed chains laced around my hands, legs, feet and waist. How many times will I let this happen? How many times can I let my family be disgraced?  
The smell of creosote reminds me of the place I live, but the salt air here reminds me of home. I see the way people change when they look. Really look.
You put me in the basement While he’s up there You just say life isn’t fair You say you wish things would change But you just call me deranged
Do you know that feeling?  Like when an app on your phone updates automatically. When you scroll through your phone you get this subtle feeling. That something is different. Not better or worse.
Leaving all of the pain  Out of the way Gotta make it right  'Cause I am better than that  Doubt and constrain Played with my brain Now I am goin' clean Make sure the lights are gonna turn green
From the distance, When the trees that obstruct, Are deconstructed, And the towers of steel, Are forced to kneel,
Growing up I had a perception of the world,  one that was filled with happiness, love, and friendship, but it soon began to slowly fade, just like past memories.
I remember the apathy. The uncoupling of my mind from my body, looking out the window as the Toyotas and Fords bombinated by in the dark. The top heavy tour bus rocked gently,
Hidden behind posters, Behind words, Behind screens.  A voice, a voice  Shouting in a tunnel, Bouncing off the walls,
      Swirling, swaying, spinning in time to the blaring music I close my eyes When they open, I’m a little girl
Like a small seed beginning to sprout from the soil A story of many chapters begins The plot of a life's story cannot spoil As the small, naive child widely grins  
Always one to fall in line, I learned early to obey. Silence and respect protect Against the everyday.  
Untouched and pure, your bright serenity Is beauty, shining rays of special gold. This light is you, the newborn entity, A piece of Universe’s light made bold.
I realized I was no longer a kid,   When I left the sea   The sand leaving scratched memories,  
Yes, I’m scared. Yes, I’ve always hated change.  But it’s time. Independence, growth & a fresh start is on its way. A brand new state with no one I know in sight.  A campus I have only been to once.
Leaves  Falling away from their home Some with struggling grip on the emptiness around them. God wishing to turn over anew,
Everything suddenly changed, beneath the ground that started to split She thought her feet were on solid ground, a truth she brought herself to admit The sun could only shine for so long, while a million suns sustained her world
Times of old, times of ease  have slipped in whole. I have the keys,  to a new world,  people to please,  and money to earn. How did slow summer days where we could mess around
As the sun comes in my coat starts to change but not enough to alter my color. when the rain falls down i start to make sounds but the big kids view me as an “other”. The winds pick up
Staring in the mirror But a day or two ago The person that I saw No longer did I know The harder that I stared The more foreign she became The childish whims forgotten A new path to be displayed
I see the world differently. I grow taller and everything is smaller, But truly the world seems bigger And badder. The world is a mess. How can I do anything to make it better?  
Did you know, that when you grow up you mentally change, Did you know, that when you grow up you lose friends and family, Did you know, that when you grow up you have your ups and your downs,
Amongst all the safe havens brooding with yoylur presence could be one of those wondrous places.
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
Leave it all behind. Embrace the new advenure. Become who you are.  
I will here plant a seed and feel the compost of forgotten years, and breathe the warm air of this, the present.  And wait in the world to see
It's funny how These days Kids jump into "I love You"s  Like they jump into cold, glistening pools during California Summers
The ugly truth: I wanted the world handed to me "It's not fair!" Though the world around me Is suffering through pain I'm too blind to see And if anyone else Even dared to complain, to compare
You were so quiet before. A meek, fragile sort. Your art was never seen by other eyes You thought they’d think you were telling lies.
Life is a journey. as time goes on we change, change is inevitable, and sometimes exactly what we need.  
Life is a journey. as time goes on we change, change is inevitable, and sometimes exactly what we need.  
Anger, a muscle memory, triggered by his voice now teasing, now taunting, now icy creeping in my ears and down my spine.    Like tomcats we clawed,  screeched at each other, like 
I remember wishing for curlier hair, smaller boobs and a bigger butt all these things I would never achieve. Beauty and the beast is what they seen in me. Beastly on the outside
I can recall-perfectly, A Time, Made of Gold   Not the gold, That you both laced around me, binding my neck and wrists.  
You cannot change the world if you always stay the same People won't like it but you cannot seem to explain You chose a new lane and now you feel sane
Black or white Red or Blue Left or right Right or wrong Good or evil Truth or Lie
Day in, day out What is it all about? I can’t deny This change I’ve taken Maybe I’ll be different.   I’ve walked through Depression I’ve walked through Anger I’ve fought my battles
Your world was in flames and mine caught fire Now I'm dealing with the fact that you aren't here, I'm so tired Of figuring out what went wrong and why we had to say goodbye
Biting wind makes music against my skin in the way my mother used to trace her fingers across my cheeks. The place where I stand on my own two feet, brought higher from the solitude,
Change can be sudden Change can be slow Change may not be felt Change can be subtle  
I used to be selfish , narrow minded I never knew what it was like to truly leave my own wishes behind n- till my grandma was ill and crows took flight I hated my sister all my life, but I realized 
  Upon birth, a seed of thought is planted And smothered in soil Until its cultivators find That they’re ready to water it,
The things I've noticed would certainly go unnoticedI've inherited the things you've done in the pastWhether that’s good or bad I know it'll last
I was in a box with a window, wathing the worlds go round.  Watching how good the world was to those who put in their share to those who worked hard to those who had patience.  
Life would never be the same without you. My small world was forever changed on that November day. I never really understood why this had to happen, and I cannot say I do now.
Change is going from childhood With blind Faith and innocence, To youth, unprepared to face their challenges. Change is believing that the world was a safe, big pillow to fall on,
  in my head   something was not right   it took time to realize    but i finally changed my life around    in my head    pain and fear swirled about 
Growing up I never wanted to Wanted to stay a kid for as long as I could.   First went recess then playing pretend. Later went classes of reading for fun.  
what will my life be   sadness surrounding  happiness encroaching  the yellow people astounding  my feelings began poaching 
Waking up on Saturday mornings for the sole purpose of hearing Elmo squeak about something new on Sesame Street, has long been overruled by new responsibilities.
A Year Alone I chose to go To somewhere that was quite unknown   Whole new ideas I had never heard Ways of thinking I thought were absurd   And all my thoughts?
There once was a British Indian girl, Who lived in British world. Eating her fish and chips, But still loving her Indian dips One day she was told, That she would have to leave her usual mold.
I’m going through my phone It’s been close to a year since that day When I lost the one I loved the most But for some reason their face pops up everywhere  
Some days are like a haze I start to realize that it was all a phase Who I am today isn’t who I’ll be tomorrow But “Everything happens for a reason”
I grow up faster,  Darkness chases the blind man; I must glow brighter.
I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
Youth Without a care, Without a worry Endless afternoons out in the park Feeling the warm breeze on my face Blowing bubbles, Laughter, Smiles, School, Recess, Friends,
Before... I was a humble slave Bowing before your wishes. I attempted to craft myself to your pleasing But it never lasted.  
Dear adults, This is a call to action, Every kid is looking for their passion, It is time that we take action But we are splitting kids up into factions Making the world composed of common core
“Same”- sounds safe. Almost easy Because When I wake up everyday, I knew I knew what tomorrow held   So used was I
Change is what scares me the most. But being afraid of something that is constant, Worrying over the what-ifs, and the “what’s next?” Will only create a scarier effect. So I travelled exactly 7,403 miles from home.
My heart beats faster and faster My legs shake and burn more with every running step How long have I been running? I can't remember. Its been so long,
                      When I look at that face there is nothing in. This world more clear then what I see, this is someone who’s achieved nothing. A being so afraid to change it does nothing but stare.The embodiment of sadness and anxiety.
The Streets are my teacher I've learned so much than what I could learn in a classroom Next thing 20 years down the line I'll be cleaning up people's room Thanks streets taught me how to make living
"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself," The great Teddy Roosevelt bellowed.  But why can't we fear anything else? What is so wrong about fear?
A gifted talent no one's found Watching a TV with no sound Eating chips that crack too loud No verbal contact, I'm too profound To hide behind your lies and hold truth You're subtle but I have no proof
Do you ever miss a moment Before it's over? Or a person Before you leave them? Do you ever miss a place While you're still there? Or a feeling Before it's gone?
I was always a shy child. I would rehearse saying my name out loud In case my voice cracked I would fixate on every thought every
You should go. If you are not going, you’re staying. If you’re staying, you’re not playing. If you’re not playing, you will never win. So, you should go. Go!
Expectations and warnings Consider carefully the beginnings Every action has consequence Every inaction is opportunity Slipped Away. Oh, I’m brave So courageous I love to live outrageous
When you see a whole new world We will be as happy as can be Like the bird flying through the sky out of its cage When you see the historic hero's You will see what they went through
Looking back now There are many events  I wish I could change. People I trusted, People I loved, People I hated.   Oh how foolishly yound I used to be.
Can I be afraid of change  if I am miserable where I am? Years swept past me and I let myself rot, until I realized the role I play. Should I be afraid of leaving the only thing i have ever Known?
New   Change makes me uncomfortable I feel a connection  There’s something about someone who gets it, right?
Everyone says that change is hard However necessary to sustain life. It takes persistence when your way is barred. It takes diligence and a bit of strife.  
Springs under pressure: pushed deep, they rise up the highest. But only if they keep on pushing straight back.
On paper we're perfectBut underneath the surfaceThe perfect melts away To reveal we're broken, bruised, and brandedBy microscopic mistakes 
Arthritis that’s not too bad but psoriasis that is. Constantly disgusted by myself and no one will know because I do not want them to know.  
Working 9 to 5 on minimum wage, until old age. It's not about the money, honey. You don't fell brave, just like a slave, but you gave until you entered a maze. Confused and abused, you refuse to blow a fuse.
If I could change just one thing I would change the way I think about myself It really stings, Why am I so mean to myself And so nice to everyone else I wish I could change the way I think
If I could change just one thing I would change the way I think about myself It really stings, Why am I so mean to myself And so nice to everyone else I wish I could change the way I think
One Day By Abdur Raheem   When there is nothing but hate, only the people shall rise.
In the words on Jean Piaget, "The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men & women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done." And for that, our modern-day school system
And here I thought these feelings for you had expired, but then the moment I saw you again..damn, so inspired. In my heart, I thought, I no longer sought, for you to have a place. Until again we were face to face. The type of face..
Flowers can't grow without water,  Love can't grow without guidance.  Flowers can't grow with stress,  Love can't grow with hate.    Flowers bloom and die, 
Lord A prayer for the man I love He's so messed up Yes A prayer because I'm at a loss He's cheated enough Say A prayer for me from your heart In satan's snare he's caught And me
Tupac once said that's just the way it is things will never be the same. AN he right police brutality happening everywhere an no one puts up a fight. Last year they had punish a Muslim day ain't no one open they mouth or have a thing to say.
Ripple September 10, 2018 ~ Monday Daddy Hello, you who held me when I was just a baby To you, who watched me Swathed and bottle fed me
It’s a tragedy for those of us who stay the same When time tries to heal, but we stand against the winds of change Because you resist, you’ll make the same mistakes Those are the choices of us living not in love but hate
This piece is a comment on gun violence in America, an issue I am incredibly passionate about. I participated in the March for Our Lives in my city and have been a vocal part of my community on this issue.
Wake up, America the girls are crying, souls are dying brothers in neighborhoods, broke as hell but they’re trying, their utmost best against an unjust system that
Like a wildfire, it spreads The hatred, the anger Like a domino effect, it follows The pain, the sorrow Driven by rage Control is lost
All these issues in the world, don’t sugar coat it. I know you that you know this: slavery was supposedly protected by the bible, I hope we grow from this! Separating families is legal only because of POTUS.
The Fighting NEVER Stops, And In The End The Battle Is Lost. I See Pain In Many Eyes, The Reason Is Simply The LIES. Many Promises Made Token, Are Soon To Be COMPLETELY Broken.
dreamer noun 1. a person who dreams; 2. an escapist ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To the DREAMers 
I've always wanted love But now I don't want to want it. I always craved touch  But dislike it when you touch me. I've always wanted loyalty And to be treated like I'm royalty
the shade of our skin, the color of our eyes, the shape of our noses, the way our hair falls, things we don’t decide yet they seem to be  deciding factors in how we see eachother,
As a kid two brothers on either side of my timeline our play time was mostly outside, playing violent baseball and digging up worms for fishing. In doing this I never understood
I was up early this morning, and saw a sunrise. The whole sky was the purple-grey, and it scared me.   Last night, when I was still up, I looked outside and the whole sky was purple-black
My life is changing fast, it seems And gone are old, familiar scenes My heart, once steady, will careen, I'm losing those on whom I lean - Why is it life can be so mean? What can I do? I want to scream!
Eve Edgar Power Poetry 23 September 2018 Winter Weather
We don't ask for change.   And that's fact, not fiction.   Not prepared for when they staled, strangled, and suffocated "Language Arts" Then stripped away "Arts,"
You taught me to be kind You taught me to be great You taught me to take time  You taught me to appreciate  You taught me my love for trees You taught me my love for photos You taught me my love for bees You taught me my love for Coco  You taught
One hop, two hop Three hop, Four, How many hops till I know my test score? I read and I read, Make sure it is right, But i can’t help seeing
One hop, two hop Three hop, Four, How many hops till I know my test score? I read and I read, Make sure it is right, But i can’t help seeing
The screen stares back at me Skyscrapers, mountains, giants The eyes stare back at me Film with its paramount guidance    How they can change me  Then a scene unrolls  I think I know everything
I would do anything Not to become my mother I would go anywhere Not to become my mother I would be anyone Not to become my mother  
Brother, father.  A son and daughter.  See, fresh water.   Look, there’s an otter!   What’s an otter doing underwater?   
Hey honey, how are you? I am really proud of you. You've made it through all these years, through many smiles and hidden tears. You've made it through those toughe times
Thoughts are not reality They don't mean a thing Believing your thoughts can be devastating What your thinking may not be true A rush to judgment that may really hurt you
In an era where the only feeling is time That nurtures a budding, all-consuming longing A never ending cycle of living, “Should it end?”
I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt
You used to be my comforter, Now you are my tormentor.   You used to be my guardian, Now you are my warden.   You used to be my protector, Now all you do is hover.  
She was like the wheel- mind always turning with a strong grip on reality. Eager to reinvent herself.
I saw you today. You sat there and laughed. I was near certain That I was going mad. I watched you sit there, With a laugh and a smile. I nearly started crying. Haven't seen them in a while.
I waved hello to an old bent tree Unsure where the journey would end. I never expected that, waiting for me, Was a wooden and wonderful friend.  
Right, veering right,Left, swooping left.Orange cones, white lines, speed bumps Preventing me from zooming so fast.But I wouldn't because... I know me.
Placing words on this paper 
Tears are rolling down the audience's cheeks and the sound of laughter continously bounces off the many walls in the theatre. Spirits are uplifted and beliefs are questioned.
Dear Men, I can't even remember the first time I was catcalled as it happens so frequently it now feels like a routine.
I was eight and life was simple Simple enought to ride my bike whenever I wanted I wanted to explore, find new places Places like hidden paths and back roads Roads that led me to a church that was empty
Like the loose little coins that jingle around in my pocket. Thoughts tumble around inside my head. I am not the person I was a year ago.
it's dark. illuminated by the light of a phone's flashlight, i write. i write of worlds i was never a part of, worlds i am both lucky and unlucky not to have been born into.
I never feel like I belong anywhere and I always feel as though I'm in someone else's space.  I don't think this is the way I am suppose feel, I miss being secure and stable in the person I was.
How often have we yearned of being, Swept off your feet and cradled? My blood,
you ever get that gut feeling? achy but accurate. eyes travelling to his, bile rising in waves striking the shore of my mouth. taste as putrid as
hark what words i speaketh to thee for i shall not repeat them; if thy wishes to be more than a speck on this tiny world follow the path that goes high and far
Once upon a time Life was perfect  There were no mountains to climb
A rock falling lopsided through space. Yet, we the tenants of such an obscurity, Consider ourselves to be the makers of God. With black powder and fossil fuels we go rushing through the blackness,
I can dream of all Summer, winter, fall Flying in the sky Makes me never cry Wanna be the one That changes tears in fun...
there is a doll i own it resembles me, down to the bone so whenever i start to change my ways it changes too, on the same days one day i decided to change it myself even though i knew it could change itself
Our founding fathers figured that we have to sacrifice some individual freedoms to secure larger freedoms for all.
Up, up, up and down the softest petals and hardest crown the earth has fallen clear and clear with birds that all the world can hear
Break the bonds of doubt You are a slave to you, Change you To change your world, If you don't change your approach The outcome will not change. Break the bonds of fear You are chained to you
who are we now sometimes i don't feel like we're the same souls whose eager teeth met by the brick river on days like this i wonder what it would be like to be us again-
“What would you change?” When I was younger, my entire class was asked this exact question
Use your  Voice.  Not a  Gun.  Education is the best opportunity my poverty-ridden eyes have seen. 
Let’s go back to times of peace.  Times when women didn’t have to fear walking alone in the dark just to go home, And children didn’t have to fear their lives while learning how to read and do math, 
Everybody has different eyes Everybody views things differently So how can we be in the same world, the same time, the same town, but see different things We were raised differently
Dear Anon,   The anonymous you. The unknown to the world, but known deep to my heart. You’ve been there. Deep inside of me. You’ve heard the beats and rhythm. You’ve shaped and molded it to the way you wanted it.
I, a deer in blinding headlights. Whirring wheels screech against the asphalt. Demanding movement but provoking frozen fear.  
Dear Change,   I used to embrace you. My young self loved you. You came often and always had a good outcome. Middle school, high school, softball teams. You were there for all of it.  
Innocence was on the verge of breaking as the bills were paid and emotions were shaking. The words "if only" stung the air as she breathed deeply with
Dear Life,
Just ridiculous You see someone on the street And as soon as you meet You categorize. You tell people you don’t mean to do it
Dear J,    You've grown into a man that has been through the ages  But the little piece of you reminds me of the guy I've known in high school Makes me miss you deeply like a rain that doesn't stop crying 
I have always thought the Spanish language was beautiful Passionate, romantic, lovely Spanish Sounding as graceful as a butterfly wing  
I was 14 (the first time I was called a dyke) And we laughed Because society Is changing And I love that Just like I love everyone
Dear Dad, I look back on the days When you showed me all of your love Showed me all of your care When I thought you just acted tough   Always left your side fast
Want to see where this shortage of discipline kicks in? Take a peek at US presidential elections Inflating white hate whome congregate behind behind racist gates like devolving apes
We live in a world where hate is still here We live in a world where you can be an unarmed black man but still get the nine bullets to your back Speaking up equals speaking back
                The Black (pt. 2) In seventeen years All the roots have settled The roots are strong, They breathe. In seventeen years Our sun has curated Created Our plentiful harvests
Dear world,   I often ponder your composition A seeming giant reservoir of water Flowing as one, united   But is this really true?
Dear broken heart, The comfort of childhood friendships ripped away by the appeal of high school recklessness and self discovery. As you seem to find yourselves,
Dear twenty-seventeen there's a lot of things you showed me like how time can move so slowly then get faster than you'd like there's a lot of things that happened    like my highschool days at home
Dear Future Self,   Do you remember the beat The thumping of feet Up and down the halls In and out of classrooms
Dear World,
To My First Love, Oh boy did I love you. We went from nothing to everything in under a month. A couple of dates, to hanging out every single day. I was on top of the world with you.
Mirror, mirror, upon my wall. Tell me is this even me at all.  You have no choice but to show my reflection. Show me this and I'll pick out a new imperfection. So, what will I do today?
They say that the war between good and evil is a war that can never be won, that where there is light, darkness must come. I’m not saying that shadows are bad, that darkness is wrong,  orshould be exiled, I’m saying that darkness is not the name t
What an interesting feat to recall What Hannah was composed of in January of 2017   What made her tick? What kept her going? Junior year was kicking her butt That memory remains
I always told you the truth I figured it was common courtesy But you molded it Into a monster you used against me. I watch you
To My Fellow Twenty-Somethings:   Oftentimes, the millennial generation -- The generation of which we are at the tail-end -- Gets a bad rep.  
Dear haters,
Hi  I'm 18 years old  Or should I say 18 years young  But old enough for to know my rights and wrongs.  It doesnt mean I always do what's right. 
It had been 90 days. She’d finally learned to leave it alone. It had gone from her mind, she’d resisted the images she let consume her, and the strange sensations she knew would hurt her.
The sun reflected milky white off my skin outside the gym When you asked me where my sister was I told you that she was sick   You asked me what I meant  
Belac, my Belac, my unknowing Belac. . .    Did you know that the first time I saw you I knew there was something?  The wiff of your hair gel stayed with me Like smells that are meant to be remembered forever
Teach kids! They tend to learn. Why make school a prison? Teachers should only get to teach. Teach kids!
//Patience//        there has been a change.    await, await ; in the sound of fate ,   no mantra to convince you ; no ecstasy to taint you .   far away, far away ; stands 
Dear World, I made a choice, I chose a chance A chance for freedom freedom for all For immigrants, for natives For love, no hatred. Hatred is a weapon A weapon I will not use.
Dear Graduates,   We are born of the world. So introspective. So divine. Yet we tend to lose ourselves in the struggles and daily routines,
Awkward man, awkward manners. Awkward man gets on the Internet. Awkward man conversates with fans of a show. Awkward man is a fan of a show, A show involving animated and colorful ponies.
To my once best friend who made me laugh, and taught me things I never knew To my once best friend who  Gave me many fun things to do  To my once best friend who At one point, made me feel brand new 
I tried for a slam poetry kind of rhythm:   Hey Earth, I'm sorry that you're feeling this way. I'm sorry that we're turing you from blue to grey. I'm sorry that I don't know what to do or say,
New life, new me. That’s how it’s gonna be, I was a sinner, lost at sea I screamed for help, and God heard my plea He reached down in the waters, and rescued me
Dear mother I know you didn't mean to I know you didn't want it to hurt me  Dear mother why couldn't you see my pain  Why couldn't you hear my cry Didn't you know I had a storm inside 
It’s not okay You know, it’s just not It’s not okay that I can’t just be me You say that me is all I can be But, then, tell me why I can’t be me when I’m with thee.
i'm laying in bed listening to old songs that used to bring me comfort and happiness and joy. now they only bring back sweet pangs of nostalgia and forgotten emotions. at least at the time i had people 
October 7th, 2017 Today was a horrible day. There have been more and more days like today. And I met a boy. He smokes cigarettes, and hits me when he drinks. He tells me I am worthless.
I'm not sure how it happened, but I woke up one day to realize I haven't aged in a very long time These bodies don't define who we are
Sensing change in the breeze, Hearing music in rustling leaves, Finding hope in the strength of the trees, Seeing beauty in the birds flying free, That feeling of wonder when you stop to believe,
Why must you, leave as the leaves I love you, but leave you must Forget us, leave our dead tree We’re apart, like steel and rust  
Relationships can change like gusts of wind I know not of what you were thinking then             How did you ever get me oh so pinned You were changing me again and again  
Because I love you, my stems have begun to grow from the roots of your heart. My romance for you has fluctuated, leaving you dumb-founded, I exulted in distance and animosity,
Don't lie to me please. I felt the shifting, I felt the metal creaking in your mind  I felt the idea wheels turning  Dont lie to me please.  I felt when the I Love You was merely infatuation 
Can you hear the silence? Can you taste the tears? Can you see the dark? Can you mend the wounded? Can you feel their heart?
I'm desperate for a change Right now my life is strange My past seemed so simple But now I get stressed over anything It makes me cripple Can I just hit rewind? Take me back to the time
the skin i wear is dry.  i fear that my knees  have been on the floor  for too long. pleading for my loss  to return.    my mother said,  “mix lime with honey, 
I reach down and take your hand in mine And it is cold but still comforting As we look down from this hill Together We can stay here, if you want At least until kindergarten
My coat has missing buttons It simply will not close The open coat sends shivers From my head down to my toes My coat lost all its buttons When it caught on something rough
My skin used to be an armor and as courageous as I seemed it was all just this facade that made sleep make me feel like I could be redeemed.   But I was lost and I wasn't me.  
The days have been rough, the hours long It is a one-sided battle, no one can win That is not true love Tears have been shed, I know not by you That is not true love
Today I fucked on a letter you wrote to me a long time ago What it means? I dont know. But you wrote about Our garden.
To be numb was always the safest route:there were no alternates, no endangering side roads,a straight runway- avoidance of any emotion. I did not think I wanted to change,
They used to hold me softly when I started to break Like a thing made of fragile glass to be treated With the wariness and fear of the untouchable. But not you. You hold me in iron embrace,
What perfect means to me Is no perfection at all. It means that you are clumsy, You are loud, You are quiet, You are graceful. It means that you are awkward, You are simple,
Why do yours shake when they reach my waist why do they make me want to grow smaller and smaller and dissapear why do your fingernails dig into my skin as I speak
There is a strong argument going on within me, a fight if I'm not mistaken. My soul really wants to do this but my body strongly disagree.
Sitting on a bench that is   some shade of red. Burgundy. Knees jerk while the rest of the body   quietly shivers. Another long night closing at the store, which is to be followed by a long night
Time is ticking away and in the blink of an eye everything has changed. Those friends you once knew each on their own path so that when you meet it is "Hey long time no see."
We tend to live for those who judge,We tend to forget that we’re masters of our own soul,If we look for our - selves the whole time,Why let somebody change it all. Love is what you give, how it makes you feelNot about what you get because it all f
it smells like it's going to rain the air outside, despite the sun, suggests a downpour  of golden droplets onto my head and hands  healing drops to help me realize 
It is the will of few men,That many must die,Petty feuds to mend,And boys in graves to lie, 
Princess so fair come over here, Give me a kiss that will save you life. Prince so cute where are you? Give me a kiss that will save my life. We are beautiful , You are bubblegum pink,
I am dizzy but not fainted,I am scrubbed raw, but I am tainted,I am despised, I am hated,And these are the things I wish weren't true,I've hurt those around me,Been the person I never want to be,
Mirror mirror on the wall What will be the death of us all?   She sat there making judgment of who is most fair Where dreams come true, she lived a nightmare
This world is inhibited with cruelty and vengeance Where they gather today to reside the reminiscence.   We are our own oblivion, shattering ourselves with the knowledge of nothingness. Death awaits-
Dear Doubtful Loved Ones,   My mental illness is not a product Of failed relationships. My mental illness is not a result Of someone not loving me. My mental illness is not based
Dragging hearts, Falling feats, Fading art, Slowing beats, THEN Gaining vigor Moving on, Growing rigor, Finding dawn.
Inhale and exhale We breathe, but better when we sleep. And move, as though a boat set to sail.
What if white were black and black were white, What if night were day and day were night. Would things stay the same Or would they suddenly change? You see, it's all about the meaning, not about the name.
This war we're fighting is more important than we know, It more than simply being 'rebels' or 'feeling the flow' It's about making a world filled with hope. It's more than words on page, Than going through a phase,
Right to left, left to rightwe are safe, in the dark of night.With the moon beaming on our pale skin, oh so brightdon't suck my soul out, scream with all our might.Listen to the slow vibrations, the tiny sleeping bees
My love is Beautiful My love is Kind. Mantras that I keep in Mind. I am Amazing I am Great I start to feel the ground it shakes. I want to Love To feel my Soul
Take it easy Your mind is thin paper held up to the sun Through it shines colors the eye can’t even see, But you’re quick to burn too fast... Be mindful & burn slow...
I Rose from the covers of the earth That nurtured me till my birth Gaily and slowly clearing my eyes Above I see the bright blue skies I sway with ease with my leaves
Guns, death, anger at race Too many times have tears rolled a face To cry is to express pain and distress America seems to be in that state of mess
There is a spray tan in the oval office.  I don’t want to hear from the Tangerine Man about his wall.  The word ‘them’ has a greater capacity to separate people than any wall. 
Forget the blood lines that make our trees bright red Forget the colors that highlight our lively skin Brothers, sister, mothers and fathers We are all something bigger, better and stronger Yet…
America, land of the free. America, home of the brave. America, home of the immigrant.   Change is seen as scary, terrifying,
I grew up in America, America the beautiful.  But somehow along the way things changed,  I do not recognize my country now. I miss her more every day.   
America, the brave? More like America the Slave. Founded on the oppression Of millions, and millions. Our ideals of freedom are only for those
The present cannot be judged by its occupents.
America How could you? I trusted you, I believed  in you, And now with every passing day I weep As this once great nation is now in shambles.   How could we stray so far
The world is big, the world is crazy But in this world, you can’t be lazy Discrimination is the problem If we can fix that then maybe we will be saved No more war no more hate
O'Merica, My brown colored skin was never considered competition, Instead it's laughed at behind closed doors, Growing up I often wondered, Quite often actually, What people died to come here for,
My country has the sounds of freedom.  My country has the laws of justice. My country has the land of liberty.  My country is my home. It is a home to me and to many alike and unlike me.   
Grim are the days when Grass does not whisper And silent run streams But no one listens To know the difference
America, A country that's known for its supposed greatness America, A country that's known for its presumed freedom America, A country that's known for its "many oppurunities for all"
They call us the greatest. Sometimes we can know why. But if we are tastelesss,  then we're hung out to dry. They elected Lincoln was honest, brave, and true. Now our morals are sinkin'
Am I Brave, as they say? Or do I continue for my fear Of failing? Equality, Individuality Unity, Diversity The archaic American Ideals
Change is inevitable Change the inevitable Life is a repeating bell curve Ups and downs on a massive scale And America is on the down turn -                    Unemployment: 4.5%
I battle with fate. I battle it, I battle it!My control, not yours! Let my decisions mean something. What kind of depression comesfrom trying and doing and acting and kicking and screaming just to see
poems for cash? poems to bash? land of the debt students who fret learn they say till one day you'll have sway teacher teacher land of the debt cheeks always wet
Remember when the sky was blue? When there were no planes nor motors too. The days of travel dragged on and on,  often taking lives like falling flies.   But as time moved on, the hardships were gone.
We’re starving as a country We needed a change, But this isn’t what we wanted. We say “we,” But we function as “I.” I didn’t want this
O say can you hear the black man's screams through the shots What so proudly we blame the girls skirt length for the boy's crime Whose broad assumptions deny a safe haven to innocent Muslim families
Stunning America, a special child from birth/Freedom her absent father, Liberty her mother/At a ripe young age she would have to prove her worth/And join forces with Justice, her unborn brother/ When Justice was born, a premature being was he/His
America the Great, or so she used to be... We the people traded in our life and liberty. We're slaves to media now  surrounded by what other people think, struggling for independence like a spider in a sink.
I once believed in the American Dream. Now its dead, like Malcolm and the King. I have a dream. One day, freedom will ring. 
She’s read history books about this moment 
Comb through your luscious, red hair, And find me lying amidst those tongues of fire, Betwixt the very sand and sky— I could just cry, For in due time, I’ll fall for human physiognomy,
Looking up at the stars feeling the grass on feet tears in eyes blood in the street. The wind is howling, the birds all scream, at the horrendous crimes that the media eats.
As we have 1.6 Million people on the steets braving nature as if we are in year 1. As we have 4.9 percent of Americans unemployed, not counting those not even looking for jobs.
Feeling the warm rays of golden sunlight, their gentle touch carresing my exposed skin as I lay still listening, watching... The murmurr of the leaves a whispering all of the secrets never heard,
A  w  a  v  e   to a stranger despite their shore may capture a smile through times of war. Running               for
Since when did a lack of opposable thumbs become a death sentence? Abused dogs, grilled cows, and fur-coated chinchillas All want the same the thing We take that dream of living away from them
America The Country that rose from oppression Filled with people with their own mission We strive for success whatever the stakes Pushing ourselves to achieve it no matter what it takes  
Zero to thirteen to fifty Farm to factory to firm From dreams 'till fate From duty 'till freedom In justice In unity Unwavering that waving Unstifling that soul
Women standing in the crowded downtown, Hold home-made signs in their hands. Many of them read,  "Keep your laws off my body". I am one of these women who stand, Although my hands are empty.
The place where my mom's cold hands touched my forehead And the place where cool misty breezes kissed my cheeks. Take me back.   The place where I fell asleep on the carpet
I sit here alone in the dark staring out the window counting fading stars waiting. Waiting for dreams that will never come true Waitig for promises to be pursued 
brokenand I refuse to bealive and energizedbecause who I am issuffering everydayby drowning my sorrows in alcohol,but nothing changeseverything can be overin one small instant
Oh say can you see? By the dawn’s early light The big wall towering Over us all upright Whose broad bricks And bright clay
Do I think America is great of course   But do I think it could be better definitely There is so much that can be done in order to make America different  Different from what all the other countries could ever be
For my country, my heart swells with pride; The land where my rights are upheld, and never denied.   But I must confess, Our country is a constant work in progress.   To me it’s a shrouded mystery,
I hope to make a change. Change. Difference. Impact. I hope to make a change that will help people. People. Spirit. Brothers and sisters. I hope that I can help right this wrong world.
Land of the free Home of the brave Cruel individuals litter the streets With their lies and sneers When will people be genuine again? America is filled with cheaters and liars
the beast beneath me  the beast above  the beast within me  the beast unloved  this beast is wild  this beast is free but love captured it's mind who would love something so beastly?
I Hi there! Please go away now! You don’t belong here!  You don’t look like us, You don't sound like us, and You don’t do things like us!
i snap and snarl when thoughts dark and vial  are found inside my head  so with my jaws  and help from the Lord  i shake them out of my head  when the thoughts grow back 
I simply visualize a place in'harmony...on my way home from work. But these torns have grown over my'path, constantly... stepping into climax!
A butterfly so beautiful, with wings so unique.Fluttering quietly; with not much purpose, other than to be looked at in awe. This exhilarating being happen to land on my shoulder. At that moment, I could only question my very existence.
My past life used to appeal to me, now it is dreary in comparison. No one I truly loved, no full happiness, no perfect peace. I could fall asleep without tears or anguish,
Growing up with my mom, hardly ever had a father figure.It was like I was the only one who ever saw the bigger picture.I grew up in New York with my mom in an apartment.My dad was a handy man who worked on anything from ceiling to floor carpet.I w
To take away, with the accordance of a fowl, the flight of a child is not the loss of air.   The wings that protrude from the back of your aims are the soul that keeps one on fire;  
The sentence of an almost adultFor the crime of surviving this longNot livingEyes closed, shut tightThe only thing that had my name on it before now were
Change is old It's an eternal idea To imagine a year in the life Oh what growth to behold I'm becoming a wife To my true love I'm a student To reach my potential An employee
There are no monsters in the closet-- Not yet. Because the fangs of friends have yet to be sharpened School is a land of heroes and misfits
  Some things change  People leave, love,
Winter of last year; although friends were plentiful, the blistering cold influenced a focus on the individual-- me.
From youth, I knew not all plants grow -- Some are cut at the roots, Some sprout of row, And some never see the light of day And feel the rain on their leaves And the sun on their cheeks
I once wandered the lands- with nothing but the dust. The journey I took- I had no one to trust. My year long journey- began in the spring It was at this time, lonliness began to sting.
My mind was once a machine, whirring as if to say, Think is not fleeting. One idea, one belief, that was enough for me, Think is not feeling.
Nighthorse Chan 1/19/17 I look at the person I was a year ago. Contemplating if I changed… I don’t know. And that I realize When I look into the eyes Of the boy that evolved to a man who has grown.
This past year of late, I changed, as one would say- But untraceable to the outside world, Only I know the change.
Why is change good? What happend to if it aint broke don't fix it? I used to be in a good time in my life The days sped by and the nights were a blink Now I go through the motions and hope I dont sink. 
Times have changed and I’m aboard the timeless train. The clock goes tick tock and I watch dimensions pass me by ...In attempt to hold onto past circumstances,
Who she was last year, Compared to what she is now. A vessel of honey, Transformed into malt vinegar. But is it a surprise that a girl so young and hopeful 
On a special morning in December  20 years ago I landed with only 2 suitcases I cried, missing all the familiar faces I was scared
In one year of agingI grow to be seniorthis status is not mentalI still have so far,to go. So far,have I comegreat distances traveledgreater obstacles climbedand the greatest people met. I follow otherslike waters to the moonsthe deepest ripples f
I hear the news It's life changing fate It brings the blues Yet, I can not negate       To break many mends I feel it's to soon It's going to end, But I may bloom  
Fatal Infatuation   As a child I was told of the significance of what we call love The sweet serendipity that it brings to your life
I am from the suburbs and I am unaware of what the city has to offer and how it will shape me   I love to make sure people can trust me in a relationship I love having other people rely on me  
Before, She laid in a hospital bed Now, she makes sure the dogs are fed.  Before, She was surrounded by nurses. Now, she collects designer purses.   Her family used to hope and try
Falling asleep with someone is comforting, Waking up intertwined is gaiety. But trusting someone is hard and trusting yourself is the hardest.Lips on that bottle, crying until your smell was no longer lingering,Life became transparent.My future wa
A change in me - I said that would never be  And something more - I said what would that be fore    I love the way I am and what I'll be  I see no reason for a change in me  
Agitation sets in.   Rays of sunshine assault the roost. Orange beams awaken the cock. Obnoxious is my neighboring early bird.
Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes. Some of them we don't remember because we’re deep in sleep. Some we don't remember because our unconscious will not keep.
All my life has been torture bending backwards from the swing of words hanging off the edge of mountain’s wishing someone would stop and pull me
You're alone, and it hits you. You are not quite, you. Your friends can feel it. You don't go out. You don't smile. You don't live. You've changed. It's like you're not
Every year starts with a resolution for many, but for me it was an epiphany. First some humor; resolution broken down is, "re-solution,"
I think the most confusing element We try to understand in life Is time   Time is unchanging Something unknown To the human race
Mi amor, you left me cold. You arrived out of the blue. Then you charmed me And made me feel safe.   I felt emotions more deeply Than I ever thought possible. I fell in love with you.
The year is 2012 and I am not okay The cinderblock walls suffocate me As I listen to everyone around me  They're talking, they're talking Talk, talk, talk An endless symphony of gossip and jokes I don't get
Time passing slowly, slower, slower still senior sweatshirts caps and gowns graduation gifts beach days each day a little slower yet a little faster COLLEGE
With no change, comes no growth; As the pendulum swings,  we watch as time goes by, faster than the blink of an eye; Mid semester, junior year, work starts to pile up, work not handed in, 
There's something that stirsUnder the surfaceOf my skinIt CreepsAnd CrawlsAnd Begs to get in  
it was winter when we met   and summer when you left   maybe there’s some irony in that,   but i haven’t found it yet.   as soon as our eyes met,  
2016 changed me. I felt afraid, Angry, Sad, Frustrated, Hopeless. I saw acts of terror, Hate, War, Fear. I wished for strength, Peace, Love, Acceptance.
I traded my sorrows for a pretty face And a bottle I traded my sorrows for him And a cigarette to my lips My sorrows were replaced
  the weatherman always lies.     Friends were supposed to bring the sun but took it to another part of town
The sun rose and shone on my face through the window I threw myself out of bed and fixed my hair I walked up to my mirror and realized that I wasn't looking at my own reflection Her hair was a mess
A year ago I would drop pioson in every drink  I would lock myself in a tall tower I would  stab myself in the back I was shocked everytime it bled No one teaches you how to stop hurting yourself
Ever changing into someone new Must be life’s way of saying “boo!” Out of the house and on my own, I don’t want to take out another loan. I’ll make things work.
Over the course of years, Over the course of days, Over the course of writing this sentence The so-called "future" has changed immensely Similar to how seasons occur Changing colors, changing shapes
Oh how the winds have changed all wind blows with the curviture of the earth but not all whip and burst in the same directions   Some winds dash throgh the trees and encourage leaves to dance
Small and quiet This frail child, Always seeking validation from others Always wanting to know what she did was okay Did she look right? Did she walk right? Is her hair in place? Is she sitting up straight?
I am a new progression of chords on a major scale. My irovy is the same with a new collection of notes. Instead of them clashing as they have done before, they harmonize into a scale of grace.
Change Measured in what? In seconds/minutes/months/years/who we are Versus who we were Versus how long it has been
They say high school is the best time of your life  But it made me hate myself  I compared myself relentlesly  To my friends who always seemed superior  I thought they had it all together 
The "Looking Glass Self" says that how others view us is how we view ourselves. It's amazing to think that we see ourselves through the eyes of someone else.
I sowed tolerance and kindness Into crimson earth Noble seeds nurtured by quiet altruism, Blessed by a watchful God.   I reaped denial and illusion Saw a heart too tolerant
I’m worn and withered from being this bird. Of fire and ash, ash and fire. Over and over, morning-born, evening ebbing. Waking up weary in the fluttering, frail flakes burned paper, song, and skin.
Next time you see me, I may look the same The same short blonde hair framing a pale face The same bright blue eyes behind the same lenses But don’t be fooled  
As the leaves have fallen down So does my heart go Bare trees rooted in the ground Yet I fly away   Twelve months ago where were you Seasons have changed you Twelve months later a new you
They say that up to half of college students go in not knowing what to do struggling, drowning in money while they try to choose. Pick one
If you asked me to describe who I was last year I could not tell you Even she would not have the words to depict herself She had no clue Insecurities and emotions skewed her self-image Until she grew
The attention span of a teenager is no more than 20 minutes But I sit in my 90 minute English class Sitting in my bland grey, uncomfortable chair I hear my teacher say
The world is changing. For better, or for worse? Last year people seemed to overlook me In my surroundings I felt cursed What did I done wrong? I asked I received no answer, so I wore a mask
Perhaps the world is naught but a bubble, hovering and twirling with the winds of Fate- 'oer sands of Time, and Wonder. Our hourglass past a fading dream- the spark of Hope snuffed like a candle in the breeze.
The world is not mine It never was, and never will be I am an infinite speck on the horizon Who is finally dedicating their life
Rowing the little boat over the roaring tides and underneath the thundering clouds, I hold onto the life I had lived before. The load got heavier, the rain fell harder and the waves crashed with more anger. I surveyed the black water, looking for
Dear me a year ago... I would like to imagine to myself as though I were a boy trapped in his own mind that somehow this letter would greet you with a remeniscent face, but I know such a thing won't happen.
Time changes us As we grow older We forget who We once were
“You’re not the same”, they say But now I am confused “You’ve really changed”, they say I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.   The moment I left for college I knew my choice was right
Two Thousand Sixteen   Tomorrow I'll do better   Two Thousand Seventeen  
She gave up that retirement plan So she could become all that she can Pushing away the money vice She knows what it means to make a sacrifice   Gripping on the helm of fate Praying it's never too late
I was the one with that slaughtered her trust I was the one who made him lust I was the one with the title on my name , the title that has put me to shame.I was the one who showed no pain , no reason for me to let them see my pain .I am the one th
As my life goes on & my days get shorter , I start to realize that the people I met in my past were not meant to be in my future. I excogitate on this topic heavily because I think of it as a sign of the old me , morphing into a bigger & b
“yeah, I used to get panic attacks myself.” my ease surprises me. I’m relaxed, not like the calm before a storm when havoc is about to wreak. just calm. no storm.  
America the Great? No, America is hate. Divided by supremacy yet, we're called "United States." The unfortunate reality but I still have faith that we'll make it through together,
To those who wait     It is hard to think That one day  all this is not going to matter The parties The boys The grades One day You will forget about this
So little time, so much change. I look back on myself from the beginning of 2016 The insecure, worrisome, self-conscious girl.
Bloodless   If in designation we find substance, We are neither truly rich nor poor.   I know what you see when you look at me. At least I fear as you.
2016 came around Basketball dominated my mind. It gave me joy I had found It was my last season I was sad for it to end, and for a good reason It was my passion, it gave me life
Anxiety. Fear. Panic. My world is about to make a complete 180 Just make it through graduation without being manic You did it. What’s next? You’ll have to do your best I am alone now. Time to make my own way
          All I saw was loss At loss of words and feelings          But I am still here 
The way she walks transmogrifies My brain into soft clouds and kites When below is where reality lies Sweetly, strongly, in those silt brown eyes   Around those black river rocks, madsmoothed
Our thoughts and prayers are with you say the living to the dead  But no one acts to prevent those souls from laying down their head  "I can't live without my precious gun, it brings me too much joy", they say
"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "2016." "2016 who?"
A year ago I thought nothing could get worse It will get better- After all, it is January the first Underneath the bedsheets, I cried and cried Silence is fine- After all, it is better than to confide
I am aware that  I've fallen  Into some bad habits lately  But I am unaware that  Human is a disease  This is just different Let me make mistakes
You see me in the smoke Circling your chimney,  Ever-present yet peripheral.    If only you knew... Even fire can't keep you warm.    You feel the embers of a flame
 I stand here as today becomes yesterday, things that are become things that were. And the closest of friends’ drift away,
I find myself in a little dilemma. One for the ages, like those in the books. A story of joint existence, and conjoined interest. The world was a place like no other, but then you stepfoot.
Ever since I was five I've had stage fright,and recurring terrors every night.I used to lay in my bed,while negative images flowed throughout my head.
Hello, Dakota It's your teacher, kreiger I need you to listen I need you to be calm. There has been a fire It was at your house Your farm is incinerated everything there is gone.
Time is an illusion. At first, you don't agree but after some thought, you begin to wonder. Am I an illusion? Is this world? At first, you laugh but after a minute, you begin to think.
I’m different now. I find myself searching for the peace I used to have The peace that was given to me The peace that surpassed understanding. I find myself struggling to find optimism
same old, same new. you look back  and boom. everything has changed. but where? you woke up the same as yesterday.   but   your hair is longer, your body is older,
My heart beats the same as ever My eyes see just as poorly My nose works just as well Yet I am different   When I roll out of bed late
You were in my life before I even knew,  A boy who sat quietly two seats away. With your glasses and your sweet little smirk,  You took my world by the reigns. A pure smile and delightful tone, 
The concept of time is so strange We never realize how much in a year that we change The sun always rises and it's a blessing to be awake Another chance to fix yesterday's mistakes 
I've found that change is a messenger, And it only brings the thing's we've set for. I've found surprizes this year, like every other, But each was not really anything new, but set.
I've found that change is a messenger, And it only brings the thing's we've set for. I've found surprizes this year, like every other, But each was not really anything new, but set.
As time goes on, so does age. Appearance grows of greater importance — or less, Makeup changes as one realizes how bad it was. Hair changes as one needs something new in life.
  Caught between one life and the next, the ground cracks beneath my feet, singing. Throw yourself, it croons, ageless volcanoes humming up through jagged earth. My heart breaks, tugging me forward,
I never really understood life This constant process looking for a drive Not taking in what was achieved  But looking at the future and old please  I learned that life is a game Some people more constrained 
I believe that many say, time changes It molds, grows, shapes, scrapes, You  I, with tired limbs, heavy eyes, a crazy sleep schedule
In 2015 I was too shy and lonely to even speak Wanted to turn so many words down, but I was too weak   A year ago, was hurt with words, vision blurred Mind and body stirred
She was an artist,  She was a beautiful, lost soul,  Everyone knew she would change the world, Except for her,  She did not know what she would do,  She did not know her potential, 
Breathing, fleeting, nonexistent memories turned into dreams Waking, realizing, the world isn’t as it seems.  This life is temporary, find yourself now.   
A new year meant a new start. The beginning was a blast,  and when that clock struck midnight everything was in the past.   When spring came around,  things began to change.
Pencil shavings became a sign of accomplishments A’s became common Teachers became leaders School became a creative space.  Glances became kisses
A valuable year soars by, Opportunities and experience it provides. Yet a greedy year glides by, Toxic relationships and people it hides.  
love be tender  love be rich  love me till my final breath  love be faithful  love be kind  love be the trusting lifeline  love be gentle  love be whole 
Everyday I woke, I worked, all day to day, no change.The broken record called "My Life", was simply played away.Routine will grind your smallest bones of vigor into naught,and as day and day pass away you'll find your heart has stopped.For me, for
Shoveling driveways, my ligaments at risk of a deep freeze, I earn my worth.Saving money, temptations of Pinterest, I earn my worth.Studying units, sleep deprivation clawing at the backs of my eyelids, I earn my worth.Building a GPA, drowning in a
It has been 4 years I can finally say goodbye I will say it with content Because it was a battle I thought I would never forget One change has given me that power The power to say goodbye
Years go by as they always do Some go fast, others slow, But never a year taken so long As this year's past. Changes occur as they always do. Some welcome, some not. Haircuts and new friends,
Changed because of this Stayed the same because of that In the darkest place Mental health eating me alive My uncontrollable mind enjoying the taste of my tears My aching heart yearning for love
My baseball mitt Stands in my closet, Lonely and bored, Gathering dust, Its leather longing to catch baseballs
It doesn't take much to change a mind, unless you have one just like mine. A choice was given to me just last year, And I could only think "Oh dear, Oh dear." I had to choose, go left or go right,
Today, I woke up.Yesterday, I ate toast.The Day Before That, I rode my bike.I don't know. The change between Today and Yesterday and the Day Before That are difficult to see.But if you asked me the difference between this year and the last?
every second before this point is now apart of the change every exprience before this point creates every lesson apart of my change every person i've spoken to has encourage a change
The only letters I’ve ever kept Are apology letters Every single one from my father Because it’s easier for him to write to me And leave it in my room while I’m sleeping Than to look me in the face  
Something that I find really, really strange is how well I am handeling my life. Even though it is filled with lots of change, I am able to take it without strife.   Most say that change is important as it
I stop. The blade freezes. Change, there is so much That has changed. Adulthood is near, I don´t find joy in stupid things, I have grown. Physically, mentally, but my emotional growth lacks.
I chewed all of my fingernails off last night Ripped them away as if they were only tarnished paper Unable to clasp my necklaces or untangle knots right
They told me I was too fat, so I changed a little.They told me I was too stupid, so I changed a little. They told me I was too ugly, so I changed a little.
As New Years day came, the words "new beginnings" engraved my soul. I was tired of playing games, and from us taking it slow. I made my decision, i was moving to miami, cause you had my heart.
Could I ever write a poem That would change the Minds of men, Words that would make the World stop turning And halt the advance of time.
  If the only thing to fear is fear itself I find it funny that I'm so scared to be Courageous. I am most scared when no one expects me to stand up.
I look away, But the lost girl inside is telling me to speak up.   I mumble an answer But the lost girl inside is telling me to yell.   I walk with my head down,
We wander about looking for truth. Refusing to see the truths right under our noses.   We aimlessly search for hidden truths wandering about like children
It's crazy to think  it been only a year. So much has changed  it's all such a blur.    We started out strange, awkward, and  unfamiliar.    Now as a year draws near,
I am cut from a seperate fabric than the rest. My material is a vibrant red while everyone else's is a pale blue. They try and tell me, "You are blue! Just like us." Yet I am not color blind. I see the difference. 
Whenever I feel down, I remember I can change, I'm supposed to change. I'm never the same person. Even from moment to moment, you're allowed and expected to grow up. That's the greatest gift of all: the ability to grow up.
Today is my day. Though things may not go my way, From my path of success I will never stray.   I am powerful, fearless, strong. Each morning that is my chorus, verse, my song.
Whether the sky awakens bright with color Or dark and dim with a sun that's covered I get out of bed and look in the mirror I say to myself "You are made to be here" Time is ticking and I will not let it go to waste
I am not feelin’ good. Instead of staying in my sheets I will hit the streets It was a bad day But this will be a good run.  
One day you will be kissed for the first time by someone who didn’t deserve to feel your lips One day you will held by someone who didn’t deserve to touch your fingertips Believe me,
I said, "How long will it take?" I mean, we've seen the same mistakes Ain't it crazy after all this We're still waiting for change And the faces are the same The pain, it still remains
to write? to right the wrongs? for the right of way? today? Is that right? to be Christened in Christ’s' rite? right?
It was what nobody suspect, And denial begins, Because how could a girl like me Who has everything  Fall into this pit of darkness?   Is it really my fault That I may be depressed?
The human eyes allow us to see and the spiritual one allows us to perceive. As a result, I wake up with desire to grow up to be,  is the greatest instiller in all of history.
Fallen Shoulders Once Raised High Gardens Growing Up like Vines Flower fields place their Roots Deep within the Spine they Loop Beneath Between Around About The Cord that Dances Up to the Crown.
When the sky begins to fall, be ready to catch the stars. For the beauty of it all, will lie within your heart. An ever expanding reality created from the dark, bursting out of imagination as light you must embark.
“Why don’t people know about this.” I think As my body soars away from my seat I feel as thought I’m filling the space   like water once shaped to the pipes
Society can't heal to humanity we're just profanity everything is vanity and no one has sanity. But when my ink touches the paper crease, I am assured of some peace. 
We've all heard that phrase, "Out with the old and in with the new," But who knows what this change will mold her into? Sure it will be different, it will be a new venture,
It's never too late  You must feel trapped  And feel like it's all faith  It's never too late  To change your life  And to make it all great  It's never too late  What you should do
There are days in which I wish would not end, And there are days that I hope would just pass. Sometimes I just need the help of a friend,
At first glance, I saw the world as a new pair of glasses, As things move forward,And time moves past us, I mature to see all the little scratches, So bad I'm unsure how we've lasted this long, With a beef between race and class so strong, I see h
I am a misfit I don't do what others do I write words ignored.   My eyes have seen hate. My ears hear things I'd never say, They are full of hate.  
[The Fall - A Focal Point] Enter the breeze, the cool air... the mystifying flow of perfection as the leaves change color for the last time. One time, one focus, the magic of the allure
I have encountered a knowledge that must be shared, Spread it around the world it is a cure for despair, A seed must be planted in this world full of tall tales, We must cut out the lies that was woven in our hairs,
The World Needs Changing Will The Old Do it, Um… No The Youth Must Reform
When I would look into your eyes They would deliver the sweetest messages and no lies, When I first gazed upon your heavenly face I could see my heart's longing place, When I would hold your hand
I read that words have the power to change us and for the longest time, I refused to believe it.
Drop                      the                                          storm.     Move closer.                               Sit.                             It is time.
PAY ATTENTION Get ready for this intervention People are dying Children are crying Men are lying
Touch the paper with a pencil Shouting thoughts come alive My mind is leaking ideas The words explode on paper Eventually coming together To create a world of mine Thinking becomes out of control
There are a few things you should know, About me and my life, And what I've learned to not show. You don't know what I feel, I keep it well hidden, But maybe I shouldn't,
I was brought into this world with no mind of my own, Seeing time fly by I knew I had no control. Since the time I remembered I was only just five years old, Sitting in play time by myself, I was alone.  
When a poet is born, change is born Ideas meant to inspire are born I am a poet through song I tell my stories, and those of others I write messages meant to be openly interpreted 
When it rains, it pours - I never understood the meaning before. A few months ago when embarking on an Adventure of a Lifetime, I figured it out on night two of nine.
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
You build me up To bring me down What a wonderful world I have found Smart, strong, brave they all say As death welcomes me to dance in my grave
We live in a land of hurt, a land of pain, a land of passing. Its throat is burnt, its face is plain, its lungs are gasping.   Sweep it off and ignore the beast 
Not today. I’ll do it tomorrow. Does this sound familiar? It’s what kids tell their parents. At least, that’s how it was in my household.
RIGHTI was not always rihgtI used to be meanI never did my choresI hated lifeI was not always rgiht I had no friends because I didn't treat them rigtI didn't make my bedI didn't try hardI never smiled My life was not rhigtI stayed up until 3I spen
Who will care when the world ends? Will it be you or any of your friends? What if the world ended today? Would you be happy with how it ends?
We cannot even describe the way We look at you every single day.   You, the tormentors, the ignorant, the sinners, Yet also the popular, the loved, and the winners.
I'm sitting in this cold hard chair. Wondering where I went wrong. Unable to sit back because I keep feeling the splinters peirce my back.
Words cannot change the world And it will never be true that We can make a difference just by writing The written word Is not able to replace Advancing technology in our society
How much longer can I hold on? Hold on to this reality, The smiles that I place On my usually tiered face. Hold on to this image that you see A confident girl that is happy.
Finding ways to get things throughAllowing them to finally be trueAn expression of fear and doubtBeing able to let things outCreating a work of artFrom a rough startI was set freeAnd allowed to be me
  I hate you,why don't you just die is what I wish I could say but part of me still cares no matter how hard I try I still like you why.
silence can be inspired  pain can be inflicted  faith can be tested  memories can be agony lonliness can be made  madness can be sanity  bravery can be cowardis  the truth can be falcified 
The meaning Is so unclear And yet plain A true paradox This simple word It traps me Stabs me Gives me bliss Makes me feel As light as a feather It makes me vulnerable
I just want to take a few minutes of your day,To tell you about how we can truly change society's ways,There's contamination everywhere,from our televisions, our music,our food and things that we drink,
When Robbin Williams died,Suicide,My family sighed saying, that's just how things are sometimes.
You mask your hellBecause no one understoodYet you open to one personA stranger who came from the shadowsSomeone who doesn't know human conditionsBut you felt close to them
Getting away, Getting happy, Getting social, Being yourself, Expressing yourself, Keep it secret, Only I deserve to be high, No one else understands. It feels so great!
What I've learn most about myself Is people change, for better or worse, But not me.   I seem to change but I am the same, Same personality with the same name Perhaps it's the bottles in my mind-sea
We met the other day, All was fine one could say. Let's face the truth: it was not. We were strangers to one another, Different from what we thought. It was awkward, Was it not?  
It is hard to forget- more than one can describe. Images pressed against the skull, replaying memories that decrease the rythmic motions of one's heart.
Take a big whiff and smell the pungent smell of name brand perfume and fumes This nigeritis chokes the esophagus with promises to bring human carcassesShiny belt buckles match the color of these infected smiles hoping this trend lasts a while Mone
Poetry is not a thing, it is a feel. Poetry is the conglomerate of emotions, stories, and verbal actions put together in the form of perfection. The poet is the background that the poetry uses as a support system.
Expressing emotions wasn't reality for some people.Just like others in society, I follow the flow. Did what any good human would do.Spend nights wondering why I wasn't like others.
You took care of me, When I felt alone and forgotten. You kept my secrets, And comforted me when I cried. Now I have to watch, Watch you fallen and in pain. You're incapable to say,
Faith? Wht's that supposed to be? Believing in the path she's on she thought Even as all outside of me falls It's maintaining my sight Knowing what I believe I create in my life
it only takes a seconds guessto second guesseverything that happensso just know things that happen nextmay never come to be.
  At first she was No. Now, No was beautiful And no I’m not talking about that porcelain skin, straight hair thigh gap beautiful. no!
  Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation, With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.
I was blank. A colorless existence with nothing more than a mere outline to hold my soul steady, An outline child only a mother could love. I was the grey cloud that floated behind every rainbow, 
Last night I thought that the Moon had disappeared. A clear sky with no Moon When I knew it should be a quarter full I'm still not sure where it went
My eyes they weep But tears can't grow grass. Or roots for that matter... My heart it beats and throbs on the street. The movement was meant for us...
I've reached the point where there's nothing else to say I've written every poem and song thought every deep thought that transcends the common state of mind. over analyzed and dissected every action and memory
I remain a silhouette A shadow behind an unrequited love The dweller of the mysterious apartment,Several floors above the cheaters and false loversThis is how they treat the poet
You are a florescent bulb And the world is a room It is not a dark room But it is dark to you   You must find a socket Discover the grooves And take the twisting the world has done to you
There's a hole in my soul and a hole in my sole It hurts when I dream and it stings when I walk   There's a mountain staring down at me   A silent letter (doubled, sixth to the end)
To live without contact is to never feel a thing, To live without humanity is to throw away compassion, I shall never live without human contact. I do not crave discrimination, corruption, or demoralization.
We live in a world where morals don’t exist, Where there is violence, hate and children who cut their wrist. Where it’s “okay” to look down on others for their lack of things,
She’s a person of color, Who’s afraid to confront the police, Asking herself why can’t there be peace. Day and night she thinks about her brother,
I was the one Who broke the vase All its pieces Shattered on the floor   And so I’m sorry That you had to pick them up And sort through the ruins One by one  
All I need is someone to take care of me. Someone to be patient with me. Someone to hold me, feed me, and change me. Someone to teach me and play with me.   All I need is a bicycle!
I wish there were more people who walked around the streets with sighs that read: "Free Hugs!" I hate to admit,  and I know others are too,  that in my life, I needed those people. 
All I need is a stick of graphite.  Dark and black as the night sky itself, when no stars shine and the moon hides from the horrors besieging the world.
Driving fast let the wheels eat the pavement. / I don't want to be here I don't wanna feel this. / No one asks me where I'm going no one really cares. / Even if they did nobody really dares.
The year is new but the game is old / Same story starting and getting retold / And nobody cares if their words are gold / They just keep pretending that the worlds not cold / And everybody wishes they were someone they aren't / And everybody says
In the moonlit darkness of my heart, I see icy cold silhouettes of desolation; Bleak figures concealed with masks flaming bright. Phantoms dancing around those dead trees, Frozen in their one final reach,
I am so sick and tired of seeing “new year, new me” New year, same me Same world Same trees with same leaves And same subways, same buses Nothing else changed, why would I, why would you?
The Broken Clock Set upon the mantle That which once marked time Now sits, forgotten by its master   The shattered glass falls like rain Marking the floor with it's kiss
There’s  something about bold font That stands out from the normal lettering subconsciously hollering within one’s head   Because it all started with a young boy entering junior high,
As I grow and learn and mature in a world where all number of things (but especially people) are sorted and labeled, shoved into boxes like leftovers into too-small containers,
This is the generation of me's, we were taught nothing in this world is for free. Its made the world cold and hard, people only care about themselves going far. Or how many likes they get, whose got the most expensive shit.
  City of grunge City of decay                             City of aspiration   Maybe just the start forget the past            likewise look to the future  
Once upon a time, In a kingdom far away. There was a mistreated maiden And to her dismay they teased bout her shoes and her hair everyday. I'll let you in on a secret So tell everyone else
When America has fallen one day, When we are at out lowest I hope and pray a hero emerges To take it on with courage. I hope someone who cares a lot Unties our broken, twisted knot
All i ever wanted was to make you happy but i guess i couldnt because you were too busy busy looking at other things rather than my eyes eyes you didnt know every night cries  
Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive how lonely he gets. We cant forgive his thoughts of destruction he starts to mimic.
You want an answer here is mine much like my heart it beats line for line.   my answer it weathers the storm
Can’t Live Without By Thao-Cathleen Vo   Can’t live without Love, because Without love what is life? Why continue to breathe if No one wants to hold your hand and Reassure you, Show you,
The little girl's mother is dragged away and raped. The little boy at the age of four, is taught how to use a grenade. The father is beaten for speaking out, the mother walks miles for a drink.
  When I was young I blew up a balloon Shiny and perfect like a cartoon, I tied it’s string to my wrist, strong and new  Fearing it would leave when the wind blew.   Like my shadow it followed beside
"When anger finds me buried deep The hurt inside might make me weep  I try and take one final breath Before I meet a friend called Death Must go on Must break free But Anger tries to keep it from me
"Everyday the rage within me dies a little more But everytime I think it's gone  It comes back stronger still It kills my heart Everytime  To see the hurt And the lies The hand print of my hurt
there are more important things   then you and me then me and you   there are more important things then your posessions then being possesive  
How can I cope with the things that I am coming across How can I remain the girl I used to be  How can I smile and laugh like I did back then When I know what they think of me How do you expect me to live my life 
IncomparableMysticalMagical It is so UnattainableEnlightening DeluxeIn every way Keeping the actions of the brokenAt bayIt is like walking into an open field 
I used to stop and smell the flowers But now I just pass them by I always long to stop But I never do. Once I got hurt  I realized nature bites. If I could, I'd go back
Childhood is the playpen that keeps out the real world; holding you close till you're readily unfurled At the beginning it's the ignorance that keeps us at ease
Let me paint a picture of my generation. It's as if we all suffer from a self-induced aberration. We don't think, we just do. Where we sink, others flew. It kind of stinks that we can't see our potential,
How have you been? It has been awhile The last time we spoke was in a classroom. You read a book and I stared at the tile. You gave me work. I looked around the room.   You asked me why I didn’t do my work.
I am a river working hard always moving changing everything around me, while accepting change, myself. Sometimes I am calm sometimes I am restless. No matter, for I am a river.
I am the difference. I am the change that I seek in an alphabetical order i’m still amazing in these streets I rise from Ludicrous rhymes and liefs deranged.
I have butterflies in my chest  I thought I could put them to rest  stop their flittering, fluttering panic.     a day ago  a week ago  a month ago  a year ago   forever ago  
  I’m playing Jenga and I’ve decided it’s the child’s version of Russian roulette   because she’ll never stop not when one block falls not when they all fall.  
Warmth in the womb Forever entombed In an endless peaceful slumber Always a cocoon Safe in this room Never a note of hunger  
It is amazing How things change Within such A small Amount Of time The couple That were head over heels About each other Don't talk Those two best friends
    There is a dark hole, thats been growing for a while. Where there was once light, is now dark, with no desire. Day by day my body aches, causing the hole to deepen.
The focus of school has turned on us Administators no longer showing student trust. As a student I call for a change Of a society open to not-perfect grades. Students work hard, day and night
The seed of the little flower was dropped by a mother bird trying to feed her little chicks. The seed happened to drop into a yard where it was overtaken by weeds and was savagely destroyed by pollution.
Euphoria Yeah that's what I'd call it EUPHORIA: the feeling of being up until 2 am The feeling of never wanting to sit still The realization that the night is too beautiful to sleep through Yeah euphoria
The world needs movers Humanity needs shakers We've been called to be rule-breakers now become a difference-maker Change a life and love the broken Speak new words never spoken Go on, be bold
Change. One word, six letters, and is something many fear. It is a transition that cues a difference. Even if the difference could call on a positive change, we run. Hide. Fear.
Open your eyes Can’t you see This world’s lies Are not the reality   This world is broken It hurts us all When we look at the fallen And hear a freedoms call  
I am 14  Everything is new, and optimism is endless.  The sun is brighter, boys are nicer, my first days of high school I am 15  School is routine, mostly a burden to my social life. 
I am determined to decide my own fate To change the worlds hate I am the one to bring light In a world that is covered by a deceitful night I am one who will defy my own self
I am the scars my parents put on me as a child. From the abuse mentally and physically. Little did they know they scarred me sociologically too.  
I am Change; As waves crest and break, And leaves burn and fall, My vision blurs and clears as my path alters according to develpoing dreams. I am More than a single word or a catchy phrase,
I am a Seed Wanting Longing to be watered, so I can spread my roots into the ground Wanting To be able to dig deep down and build a path towards my own success I am a Seedling Visualizng
Do you know the feeling When your mind starts spinning And you think you are not even living? And then your whole world starts crumbling And a voice starts shouting at the back of your head
When I was in physics class I learned that an object with any amount of mass can store up any amount of potential energy based simply on its height and the force of gravity.  
I am a dreamer. My mind is a playing field My goals are the starters, As my oppositions take the bench. But sometimes they get up No longer rooted They get a chance to take part in something
My existence is captured within the breeze. Swiftly moving, Circulating the vibes of humanity. Furor never inferior for I cannot easily be depressed Try to repress me,
Waking up to you is like discovering a foreign place. I trace every birthmark on your skin to find your face. I was a vast land, long forgotten and claimed my none. Curious eyes reached beyond the horizon, it had begun.
an icy fine powderthat made you lamentthe days spent twistedwarpedunder the false ideologythat manliness is to beconfided in yourdead father.  
Life is a traveling circus, new experiences all around. People may look strange, or come off a little odd. It might seem scary to try different things. But joining that circus,
Why does high school change people? You have kids that are mean to you when you're younger, and you have your friends. Then those friends turn into the mean ones. My parents don't always let me out, I don't know why.
Brown eyes,  Black hair.  Heart-shape lip,  Unnerving stare.   A young woman looks back at the mirror, confused.  The long waves of her hair are cut to her shoulders,  Her eyes empty and lost. 
7/07/13 We come into life believing in good and dreaming the better for some are privileged others must work then there are those who must work harder
I thought it all made sense back then. I didn't have the idea down yet. Sure you can say it was way back when, but it doesn't excuse my regret. My life had tumbles and falls and I thought I had it rough.
Your eyes are a deep blue, And mine are just brown. As soon as I dive into you, I can't help but drown.  
It´s not about how good you are, It´s about how good you want to be. Write words cuz I feel better about it, Live and love are bad words. Thought love would come not hit. I remember ever crease in your skin,
My race, the color of my skin shouldn't affect how you view meWhat you should be looking at is that which you cannot see
My doodles have moved from pictures to words, Evolution of expression - Is fragmented language easier to understand than scratchy images?
Stand up and fight!We are the desperate kidsWe are stronger if we uniteLet's do what the world forbids
This is a response poem to something I heard one of my 'friends' say - "People who want to commit suicide are stupid and selfish. If they want to die, I say let them. They can have fun in Hell."   
The Checkpoint..   There is a point Where impunity is cheap, Just that point where asylum is not in check,   Our uniformed gods are now in chess, Ready to launch at you as pawn.
I AM THE CHANGE   I’m sorry I don’t want to be a president, I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone, I want to love, give and live for everyone, I want to bury this pressing dent,
My mind keeps replaying the mornings when i'd wake up with you on my mind.   2 hours away getting ready, to look good--for you getting butterflies in my stomach
I was quiet. I was bleek. My life consisted of listening to what others said. I grew strength. I grew power. I decided to follow my own path instead. I am willful. I am passionate.
  So imagine theres a girl, and maybe another girl, and even more maybe, something like a monster inbetween them.    Which one are you?  
I faithfully follow the father as i try to fight off fear,
The next time I love a man, I'm going to love him slowly. This time 
Mesmerized by the beauty Lost in the harmony She is Not focused on the problems But the glory Nor the sadness But their story Not attentive to their faults Only noticing the shine
The leaves outside aren’t
Maybe there’s a r
What Am I? What am I but an ordinary person Riding on the ever-so fast, Yet ever-so slow river of Time?
  With each passing second I am never the same person I was moments before.
See I don't see See me I don't please Tell me you see Them there Using me See, no I did not come with! I was not with them I was blocks away!
I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going you see they're robbin' us  leavin' us with broken promises  lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us  it's so unjust 
Reading a story is the seasons Of an altering year. Just like spring leaves,
Every day you live your life becomes more awesome. Vitality fills your breath every second you stand on this earth.
This unpredictable world slowly falling apart, is changed by those who always see its charm.
She said I was a good girl, I played by the rules. I listened to orders, And I did well in school.   I was always the good girl, Quiet and polite. Never saying a word,
Wake up Drive to work in traffic Work Drive home in traffic Its the same thing every single day But it doesnt have to be so You have the power to change change the rules
If I could change the world… War would not be a thing No one would ever be hungry And the mute would fearlessly sing
Everyone has their issues that keep them in the dark,But when you fight against them you can surely make your mark.Travel past your issues, onto a newly found frontier,Bring yourself together in a different atmosphere.
What would you say,If you woke up one day,And all your troubles seemed to drift away,As if they overstayed their stay.And let you out of their chaotic array.What would you say,If on that same day,
From the outside looking in you may think we are simply wide eyed and ignorant.
We have the words to change the nation   Voice that will bring to life a whole new creation    Within us are our ideas, thoughts and feelings there lies in its own station   
Chrysalis dance around, Never mind the change you've abound. Orange burning bright with passion; Black delicately laced for fashion. Wings look able and ready to fly Through the forest passing by.
Rain, The rivers of water rushing down my umbrella, The icy hand of the wind hitting my face, The sound of war within the clouds, ringing in my ears, The slip slapping of my rain boots on the sidewalk pavement,
Their reaction will depend on what choice you will make They don't care who you are Or what you have done   They taught us what's good and bad And made us open and realize
People will believe things that they choose to believe Most don't see the reality behind what their eyes show them Then again, we can't change the way they are When in fact, this is how we believe what people really do
My thoughts Are falling down my throat -- I didn’t want them to tip over.
I miss the blue in the sea I miss the garden home to me I miss it, I miss it.
Butterflies. Could they exist without it? What about flowers? What about days and nights? What about sunsets? Sunrises? Rainbows? Stories? Songs? You? What about you? Could you exist without it?
they say change is a bad thing I always heat "nobody likes change" I don't find this true I live for change Change brings adventure and beauty and new life Change brings new chances and adreniline 
Dissatisfied with ourselves 
The defying smile of the red flower fades
I am not sure
I can change like the flip of a dime I am unaffected by the ravages of time I can be unforgiving, unbelievably cruel But I can also be the most gentle, you know
Present perfect tenseOcean of ancient futuresWind of change mind rearrangeElegant emergencyReturning with gifts
Corruption uses those faces Beautiful faces Have control in reality and illusion Spawning death everywhere   We need those pretty faces That inspire and hypnotize
Like Rev. Jesse Jackson Said " Hands That Once Picked Cotton, Can Now Pick Presidents".
Look Listen  Smell Taste Touch  Each sense never perfectly replicated Each experience unique Because nothing is as it was before Life Constantly surprises Never boring us
I remember when I was younger
He told me if I want change I have to be the change.Anything else is insanity.I just wanted four quarters for my dollar. .
Everything seems blurry.
Check yourself  before your wreck yourself It's a time for change but you staying in the same place  in the same lane  this ain't chess so why are you playing games? You're not a king or queen
My mind is the only thing that is entirely mine.  And although it has been touched by this world a few too many times,  It remains in a place that is far away  From all that the world has decayed.   
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
I am not a martyr but a revolutionary with my poetry as my weapon i know you all wonder what a few rhyming words can do and to that i say not all poems rhyme...but i digress i am not a hero but a revolutionary with my cloak of knowledge and my ar
Isn’t it awesome, that rivers are forever? They are forever, and yet you will never stand in the same river twice, The river is a new being and packs a punch like a spice. Isn’t it awesome, how as humans we have grown?
Still waiting on that moment 
I always used to see rainbows as a kid-
Follow me in to the great bright light Where courage knows no cowardice And fear has no place among the bold   Follow me in to the rich golden light Where dreams are achieved
A split se
I am but a one man band who has yet to learn more but so many words like the sand
At some point long ago, I promised myself I'd never pen another love poem.  I transposed all my ballads to cynical limericks, All my eloquent "your smile" haikus to "fuck your denial" lyrics
I really just want to speak a little of what's on my heart, Im
I see sadness around me.                                                            
10:56pm Someone tell me why im having a mental breakdown. its 10:56 and im numb. not too long ago i got my phone taken away,  and just let me something about that.  
The feeling of wariness consumes me,  I am pondering many things about modern society, Gazing at the memories of humanities past,  Comparing and contrasting, Thinking, 
Why do we assume the future will be brighter? Or to reach for the stars a little bit higher? When contentment is over looked like the shadows that follows before me, Greed is at a peak and there's no such thing as dignity
Bright, big smile.
The human world is a mess, A Disney quote one might know, So many problems we need to address, To end the pain and stop the woe.   There’s isms galore constantly around us,
I miss the world I once knew.
Faith You've Lost  
A far off dream , is like a scattered memory...
12/1/2011, age 17   A shining star, a cute kitten; All are beautiful, all are bright. How is one to avoid the beauty Of the earth? You cannot say that laughter is bad
I'm the moon, not the star. I'm more natural,  Normal. I do not amaze, not everyday. I leave you              breathless on November afternoons when you see me through 
You can stare into a glossy surface, water stained but, you can see what you strive to see  a reflective pool rippled with a flash  the corners of my lips lift  with yours. An eerie imitation 
It has been broken, Shattered,
I cannot do this
I want to be high right now I want more guy couples at my all-guy school. Would I date a gay guy? Probably, if he was cute enough, and nice. I want guys to touch each other in caring ways.
Come listen to my truest thoughts and my truest feelings. While we are die-hard living there are people that are shining and people that are crying.
Bottle Things Up  
Hello my name is...
Who are we? Who is me? What do I see, When I look at he? I see a guy Who lives in a time Where everyone preaches individuality Be yourself Dont judge Be unique
She has a full tank of gas, but she's running out of time.
Who am I in my pixilated form? I am filtered and digitally altered It is NOW that I decide to reform Because I realize now I needn’t falter
Entombed inside me is something that is beyond this state of the world, beyond all the reality TV show drama, the sex scandals, the murder-suicides, what a Hollywood starlet wore this week, who got shot and blown up yesterday;
Ruddy, thats what they call my complexion A mix of pure white and dots I am calico The contours of my body are softly proportioned  a little extra here and there but I am muscled  I am strong  
Music had so much emotion and soul
  A crooked smile A silly face
As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
Surrounded by adversity; expected to fall and fail. The middle child over looked, Invisible to one and all. I try to find my place I try to find my skills; instead I drown in obscurity,
You are irrelevant. Who are you to think that  
When i think of you so far away sitting there with all your friends laughing like the day will never end and when i think of you caught up in the life you're living
Play me like a fiddle, boy,
It's like taking a child's favorite toy; it's not fair and it makes the child cry, but it is something that can be stopped, Unlke  so many things.   Like a toy broken in two
I just want the me I was before I knew what it was like to have to live each living day without you, it's been such a long time since I've seen me and I miss me
We awake to a hopeful sunrise. We play, We laugh, We love, We live. Always expecting bright and sunny days only to be dissappointed by the alternating shift of mother nature. Belabored by life; we dwell in weight. 
Once a sudden whisper of hate.
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
I wasn't able to believe exactly what I was looking at.
The school bell rings And I slip through the back door
To make a difference We have to stop waiting for others to change. Be the change. Look at making a change yourself where it counts, And be the change. Make a pledge to be the best
Yellow leaves, from the maple tree that lined our street Falling stars race across the sky; it makes me fall to my feet
Change starts with you, when you change others will follow in the direction you want them to; just stay positive and you'll reach a point to happiness and achive your brightest star.
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
If i could i would change how people talk to each other, and how people react. If i could i would change how people act sometimes. i would change peoples motivations, and peoples perspective.
Look at me behind my mask Look and see who I really am If looking could be made more than a task You’d see the mask was all a sham I built a wall and so did you We hid across the way
I am willing to make the
I look at the world around me.      Full of love, joy, hope.      Marred by hate, pain, doubt. I see myself in the middle of it all.      So small, what can I do?      So insignificant, what can I change?
Treasure Your Love 
Behind all the filters,  my pictures hold natural beauty. Behind the makeup and touch-ups, I have freckles that engulf my face. Behind the smiles, I hold back years worth of overcome struggles
What I see is different how can this be The light in my eyes are a bit brighter than yours My heart beats and thinks lesser than yours I feel like a wildflower in a pool of roses
Filters - Everything, Everyone By filters we are run They filter our food And any words 'rude'  When did we lose What made us true? - Please, please Listen to me
I loved you so much I thought I could never let go I thought these were true feeling that you showed  but I know now and ive started to grow
I loved you so much I thought I could never let go I thought these were true feeling that you showed  but I know now and ive started to grow
This is my brother and I. See? We are young. We look like saints, wearing neck pillows on our heads, his red, mine blue. Our hands are in a prayer formation,
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
I am suicide.
My main goal Trying to be unforgettable Want to leave my name, show how I played my game Making my way through all the fakes Trying to avoid all the mistakes Not loosing my way of direction
People These Days They are changing like leaves in the fall And they leave you like They don't need you at all...
We're together,  Till the end.  We giggle and laugh,  We are friends.  There starts to be jokes,  We can no longer take. Our unbreakable bond,  starts to break.  We no longer look, 
I am simple.                I am plain.                         I am imperfect.      but,   I am mighty.
          I have so much to do and so much to say And I know that if I was able to remove that one thing from my chest that one thing that keeps the light in
All eyes on you Its time to tell the truth We finally got the spotlight camera action We must take action So we must act Not on a stage with the man pulling the strings This is not oz
Surrounded by a crowd of millions. A lonely sould with a sack on her back.   Chitter chatter amongst the many, thoughts that will never be heard.   Longing for a rememberance of what it used to be,
If this plae is a country,  Then I am an emigrant
Her story started like everyone else She had two parents, two sisters And lived in a house She had friends, and family for miles and more Not knowing the rain was starting to pour  
As I walk through the streets of the city I see people stare as I walk by My mind makes me think of why
Why does the chains of society have a constant need to judge when I am asked to change for what they want it's ok but when I change for what I need it's hard to make happen people constantly let my past decide my future I can't change my past but
I’m one man and sometimes I can’t feel any smaller A kid who gives his all but is done growing taller Done with the world, wanting no more in life Than to tear a hole in the sky and see what heaven looks like
I grab a rag from the old wooden stand; Society was staying my hand. Begging and screaming to not take it off; But as I stared at myself in the mirror; I was not happy with myself.  
Prejudiced discrimination is rampant in today's society. You discriminate because your classmate isn't as smart as you are- He has never before had an opportunity to be educated.
If people could read minds what would they see Many people struggling or living happily People wear masks to hide the way they feel
Sadness is dark like a dark winter's night Sadness taste like salty tears falling down your face Sadness smells like dead rose  Sadness looks like glass being broken Sadness sounds like your last breath
This November I went O’er my previous sights I saw a glorious view in a bright hue, It’s Wicca, a new horizon but an old way. I come to it openly and with a heavy heart I dance, I ride, I feel the music and nature,
The road to success is marked with signs and always under construction. To make something new out of what was old, there must first be destruction.
Nothing EPIC to write about, clean and sober. Wondering just how much longer until this hell is over. No visions of riches no dreams of fame, no delusions of grandger and nothings the same. The pounds I put on are supposed to be healthy.
Slowly eroding, Depleting and lacking, Fear evident, plastered upon my features, I lean in closer, not willing to consent to living a life of despondency,  Even if I was neglected by society.
When you think about change, what do you think about? Changing yourself, others, your community, the world? Media has come to make people want to change themselves. It picks at people  and publicizes every little mistake.
I miss having hickies; you still leave me  love notes, once in a while.   But never on my skin.    Love is not love when you have to think about it. 
If I could change one thing In this world of random chances I would change how long sunsets cling So I would have time to take a million glances. I would make the sun set slower
Art, Abandoned and angry. Alleys and attackers. Alone, Alone, Alone.   Art, Abandoned and angry. Avalanches and alligators. Alone, Alone, Alone.  
A metamorphosis   Image. Your looming shadow hunched stature
There would be ultimate peace among each and all countries, among individuals.  In my perfect little world.   There would be no crimes instead continuous laughter would
She watched the shampoo run down the drain in rivulets of strawberry blood. She stood and thought and tried not to think of the things that are and the thing that was.
Are we one? It's hopeless I know this devoid of devotion.       So tired of the maddness and sick of emotions dividing the classes and poisoning the masses.                       So I'm strictly devoted.
Well first thing is first I would like to say, as much as nobody wants to admit it, we are all here for the same reason  and that is for the pay. Even Shakespeare would do this, if it meant wealth.
So who is the man in the mirror? The real one- you know? The one behind the filter hidden away, disquised because no matter how hard he tries... There is something different--
With the sun in my mouth,  and the cloud in my heads,  Don't put your foot down in my dumping ground.    One of kind, to myself, the image you see, is not what you'll get. 
They told me I would never be the man Instead, a role player with a single fan.
Confused... Wishing that I knew what to do. Angry. Yearning for the day that I'll get a clue. Get a clue as to why I let them antagonize me. Because all I really want is to be free.
Yesterday I thought I was dead My pen was gone My brush had disappeared My brain was lost The clouds were gray And the sky was black The rivers were full of blood
Butterfly change Let your beautiful colors be seen Let your wings go free It’s time to come out To share your beauty To bring some joy To spark some fun It’s time to fly high in the sky
this walk through life I've realized I can't do on my own 
I know I can't talk without stammering. especially in front of you and others. the memories are to hard for me to think about again. this poem is lame. i fucking know already
I am a bird, unnoticed but free
Don’t take no for an answer, and we can change this place.  Make them believe in love and second chances.  Teach them what it means to be alive. 
It's easier to be alone where you know no one can touch you. It's easier to be alone because you don't have to care for anyone. It's easier to be alone because you know you can't hurt anyone.
Even though I'm freckled and thick Even though I'm blind and poor Even though I'm short and white Your words don't hurt me anymore   I've come to learn what it's all about
Being abstract is not bad. You don't want to like everyone else. Being creativity and rare is beautiful. This world embracres everyones beauty but, tends to forget their own.
I hurt him. My first love. I fell hard. I forgot.  I erased. I escaped. I yearned. I fought. I resisted. I regret. I got hurt. I hurt him.
Change will save the world.  Treating others diferently because of their skin color, sexual preferences, height, weight, likes, dislikes, financial status, religious views,  and disabilities 
I am just me. I have nothing to hide behind these two curtains of mine.  My eyes see all these fake people just barely surviving. I am judged because of my opinions, when in fact they are the truth.
Whenever I feel I feel, I feel you, No one has control over me like you do, Around you lately I'm always hurtin" You make me hate who I am, You make me feel worthless,
Woke up one day,ready for a change, trying to dream those disney dreams. A bippity boppity boo and my dream would come true, id look like a princess, or maybe even one of those perfect cartoons.
They always say love yourself first, other wise, you'll end up hurt. But I'm tellin' you I loved me before. It some how got out of hand and I started loving you more... than myself.
I hide my eyes so you can't see
For a second,People laughFor a second,People shoutFor a second,People cryFor a moment,There is peaceFor a moment,There's a songFor a moment,
The doors of a shuttered house stand closed You walk up to the desiccated grounds                     No true path No sign of color or vivid life                     No way to get past the hound
I wanna make things move 
Our generation will be known for nohing. Never will anybody say, We were the peak of mankind
Captivated by her beauty, the beast overcomes me.The beast i cannot tame. The beast that tells me who i am. And who i want to be.I see the way you look at her.The way she looks at you.
10     9       8           You count down, It's almost time. 7   6      5         The tears they fall, No going back now. 4
You love me now, You love me never again,
Aye, it’s time for a recap Rapper Kristen in the house, Now let’s hit it!   Y’all take notes from my amigo Hayek. Say’s new law makes us more efficient
Hi, My name is Abriana, and I'm addicted to him. He is like my drug, never good for me but still good enough to silence the pain.
You cover my eyes You open the door
    Stifling sounds of a chair colliding with the adjacent wall send vibrations throughout my room.
Let us linger here a while in the foolishness of things. Let the wind and the rain cleanse all our sorrow and shame.
Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep? What do you feel when you see the homeless on the street?  How can you walk with your head held so high when an innocent mother never got to tell her child goodbye. 
If I could I would climb to the sky on the clouds I'd stand and stare down to the crust. If I could I would make perfect change that would remain constant until we all turn to dust.
I scream and shout You hear me from across the room I'm a bright prescence even when you want nothing to do but get away Always laughing Wearing a constant grin Doing my best to pull out a smile or a chuckle
Who is the real me? Am I the person who people look to for a good laugh when they’re feeling down?Am I the person who is there for my friends and family in their times of need?
Behind the curtains there is this lonely Gil.
I’ve felt this way For many, many years Hiding and pretending
I changed my look I changed my hair.   I changed for friends who won't be there.   I changed my smile I changed my clothes   I thought my change would be worthwhile  
I was misguided. My demons would taunt me. Convince me to wander on countless occasions. I'd roam around until they'd finally attack. They always did and always do, as soon as they see their chance. They feed on any sign of weakness.
I've heard it said- is it true? The heart of men is wicked. But does that just include men? Are women wicked? Children? Men are deceitful. Are women not? Children?
It’s easy to put mercy out of sight. Forget that people feel like you and I. This is the world that lives in black and white.   They say that change will not come overnight.
Knowledge fills me and leaves me uplifted, it's taken me to heights that I could never have predicted, changed my life for the better. My priorities have shifted, showed me ways to heal my heart scars where pain was inflicted.
They’ll try to hold you down, you know, That’s just how these things go.   The failures will only help you grow, That’s just how these things go.  
Always the same
I can't do shit here. It's like I'm stuck in a mere fearful situation encompassing minimum freedom with maximum limitation.   Everyone here is waiting and remembering.
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
Be strongNothing ever last for longIt wouldn't last forever you knewBut its okay he still cares about youJust hold on to your heart for nowWipe the sweat from your brow
Would you notice, that If I gave you my love , would you save your love for me ? Would you cherish the delicate strength or would you let it slip away into anyone's port?
I was a Seed, Dormant and Unyielding, Until I was planted. With water and light, I sprouted my first leaf.
Nightmares in my daydreams,Everyday the same scene
Beauty is an anomoly. It is a power and a curse. it creates popularity, and it empties out your purse.   Beauty isn't trivial, it is a passion and a duty. As the desire to be beautiful.
The room is too warm My palms are sweatty He paces, glancing at the pages. Time is running out I read fast but nothing sticks in my mind. I can't remember the answeres. He glances my way and i flinch.
You can't see it but insults are weapons, actual weapons. Everydaycitizens use these weapons we were born with to harm other people.Wake up, words hurt. We, the people, we have been trained, and, we
To those who died, for the things you believed Do you think the world, has gown from your seed Has the tree expanded, to its furthest height Becoming overgrown, even disppearing from sight  
This is still my bed, but now I don't quite fit. My feet hang over the edge for the monsters to sink their teeth into, with their hands around my ankles.  
The winds of time are changing- like you'd never thought they would. The winds of time are changing as hard and as largely as they could The winds of change they change sweep in and out 
My mind is blurry as I'm running from the words life, faith, trust , beauty and truth
This world. Yes. This one The one you're a part of Is dying The United States falls The Middle East quarrels The world is gripped by panic, and fear Pestilence War Poverty
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
I put down the glass and drew back fast, but on the counter it would not stay for all i know, with one more swallow all my problems could fade away. staring in the morrow above the bathroom sink
Sometimes we sink in. Someimes we all. Somehow we are consumed For feling so small.   Sometimes we are weak. And, sometimes, that's okay. But then our vision becomes bleak,
*Crunch* The leaves go under me. Leaves of vivid colors fall beside me.
Bright lights flashing, extended lashes batting, one last breath and I rush on stage this is no longer me. captured my the music, lost in the movements, this is no longer me.
Restricted to elements and principles Technical lines behind computer screens Dying inside the artist screams Let Our Freedom Ring Colors that have to have reason Not just for feelings of a season
I was on a train headed back to my college after visiting home for the weekend. I took advantage of the ten-and-a-half hour ride to write an essay for World Literature. English is my intended major
Born of copper intertwined, On a hot press in 1969. Never meant to be worth more than a cent, Carrying a rigid core that could not be bent. With all of the shoving, moving tossing and throwing,
Solitude taught me something
she is nothing  she is nowhere she is confused she has been told who to be her whole life she has no idea who she is she has been........ Beat
knowing I can make a difference 
Incomplete and a as ast astr astra astray was how I felt before you.
My name is Jahmire, I'm at a point in my life where I must face my fears and remove  the bitter taste of tears. Time to look in the mirror, emotionally see things clearer, finish my intellectual and moral education and be something pure.
I love her: Her long silken hair   I love her not: His short cut mane  
I took a walk into the trees, Alone and without fear. The wind whistled through leaves, A song that was just for me.
I hope you know I can. I can be there for you. I can make you smile. I can make you feel. I can change. I can stop. I can forget the bad. I can love again. I hope you know I can. 
Why dont you believe me, how do I tell you im sorry. Baby I love you , please dont go away.
I remember life as a child Man were those times something wild
Can you feel it? Can you feel that Change? I can feel it blowing our way. Can you see it? Can you see this new day?  I can hear it calling our name.   Change is coming down. Change is coming now.
I thought chameleons were beautiful. But where is the respect in changing on every whim, capricious, for those who won't have us as we truly are? I thought chameleons were beautiful,
 You would think someone with a disease would have problems in school such as socializing or generally fitting in. Growing up down south and moving to New York city was a huge change for me.
The wind kisses me on the cheek and sings of wondrous things,
College is the time to be free To soar and be oneself To explore what the world has to offer
Scared and silent, I was often unheard Misjudged, overlooked, ignored    For years I struggled on,  burning with passion and expression, 
"YES" she screams...
Made up of one million pixels
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
I am a woman The first thing you see is my body Then my face     I am a woman A slut if my heart loves several men A bitch if I speak with force & determination    
The day is old, the day is new Tears that fall create much dew Darkness comes to take us all We stand together or we’ll fall Day is old, day is new   The light above grants a few
The journey awaits Get ready to embark We don’t want to be late It’s almost time to start   The ship is ready Strong and tall It is steady And sure won’t fall  
The world is a dark place All people are bad Never trust anyone We hide behind a mask Darkness is within us   We must better ourselves Negativity is dangerous Light can brighten our soul
I guess the thing is we all want something to fight for; 
It started out so nice.... And carefree.... Full of love..... Full of laughter. But then mommy changed..... She yelled..... And scarred the mind. It is true what they say...
What would I change? Oh how vast that question is. There is no limit to the problems in our world.
To be alone in this world is not as bad as feeling alone surrounded by the population; They look at me like I'm some kind of abomination; It seems that everyone has their lives in order, except this one individual;
Haiku   Freedom to express Invigorates the suppressed. Love's blind, not distressed. 
This generation can change the world And we don’t even have to get off our laptops   My generation cannot hide from the world There is no distance Ukraine is next door. West Africa across the street.
Suffering by choice. Oh, glory that crossed death. Life! My chains are broken.
She wakes up but refuses to get out of bed; she’s too scared to allow more thoughts in her head Standing before her mirror she begins her daily ritual, who will she be today?
She grew up being told to be honest She knew she had to be her best She was told ‘fight for what you believe in’ She spoke her mind far too often Now she’s being told to be silent
Having a new life is like finding love at first sight. being change is like allowing yourself to in a hand that would never fail you. as my life go on daily i gain more strength
I have a dry ass reality A reality filled with corridors  And cobwebs of unrequited dreams I’m within a dimension That I can’t fathom Unsatisfactory Dissatisfied Putting on of my hands
The winds whispered through the field as they carressed the growing grains. 
Are you the person who seats in the back of the class and when someone calls on you  everyone looks back and ask whose that 
The reason for my anger is that I'm frustrated that no one seems to take the time and listen  to many opinions but no real facts 
So tired o
Often, I'm precieved from a distance, as this average girl. I've always been this very shy, a self confomative young lady. I hope to leave a legacy. I don't wish for wealth or popularity.
As I ruminate over everything my parents had done for me  I declare in my thought, before it slips, it gets caught I will repay them back for the hardwork they did so I can be here, now 
Girl I cant stop myself from thinking about you I cant even bring myself to talk to you its kinda hard to concentrate too your beautys so strong its got me sick with the flu I got sick from you
Could it be That what needs to change Is the fear of change? When change is abundant it dies For it becomes an indefinite routine But what is change if we do it consistently?
We all have a dream Laying awake or up at night It's that one thing You can't stop thinking about I want to teach My students will soar We can all make a difference I'm going to start early
Cobblestone brusied skin with a touch of ivory And you knew how to get to me See you reminded me of my mother Yes oh how my mother would enter my consciousness With her ability to patent and sell silence
Why do i feel like this is my fault when im the only one that trying? Each one of my relaships slowly dying. I just want to feel loved but maybe thats asking for too much. Just once i would like to know a loving touch. 
 Falling leaves The chilling air Darker days bring more despair
I write to you today
As I write these lines I hope it revives The past generations, the past lives To realize scrutinizes what Im about to say. If I were to be heard, it would be now. But in the past.
I get used to the feelingBut some people don'tThey get what they want so easilyAnd experience no bumpsI knew I wouldn't get itI still know why I tried
What makes me tick I haven't hands or a face like a clock Just gears in my head slow and steady whir and buzz   What labels on those gears, dear
Sitting here, thinking of you, I can't help but look in the mirror of my eyes and think about all the shit I've been through hoping to find a glimpse of happiness and solitude.
Just another day, living the same old way No risks, change of pace, new dance But can I really just remain and stay And never sway from this stance? Another familiar tune and cliché
  His skin color does not mean to violence he is keen Skin color can't tell what lies within a person, be it cruel or kind
My part of the end of the earth My circle of influence My family, my school, my church, my city Is my responsibility   I have been given a mission as important as survival
HOOK: Obama wants a change. To have to world rearranged. Let's do this right. We can change during the day or night. We can change a person's life. VERSE: We can do this.
Beast   Ego sum bestiam. I, I am the beast. I am no one’s keeper.  
Can one not speak in verse to the page?  As if it were Darwin instead of David?   The words would flow better,   and not be exagerrated from California to the Atlantic.  
Our world looks mangled and torn. Like papers shredded and put in the garbage. Like a car smashed into a sequoia. Like a house left in ashes after being lit in bright red flames. Our world is ugly, and cold.
To change the world, the world must first observe. People must envision the consequenses of their actions, Follow the path from them to the climax, the suffering they cause, Either for themselves or others.
Cocooned. Trapped   in lucid pristine existence. Sheltered, Hidden,   from troublesome reality. Delicate wings, You stretch them to fly,   but ensnared by the inexperience,
  Breasts these two things on my chest that make me targets for jokes and slut shaming
Inspiration What is inspiration but a fanny pack full of hammy down quotes from people no different than you or I.  Or is it indifference that allows one to be different.  "Haters gnna hate!" 
A dream thats lost means that all hope is gone A dream thats found means that courage is back on Things that you follow means nothing at all Its until then that you realize to go for a chance
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
Making a statement, I'm now living in the present But My past? made me stronger so i remember although it has passed cloudy but after the rain there's a rainbow, sun shining at last
Too many of us
Too inconsistent to be myself, I am three thousand pieces of a mask Ripped up and stuck together With brittle glue and strings: Promises But they never hold. I’m a shape shifter,
My very favorite comfort in life is closing my door, Not dealing with the judgment that opinions deliver, Living safe in a hollow home of maybes and seems.
I will look upon a normal tree, Robust trunk and swinging leaves, Then realize I wanted a flower. I’ll tell myself it could be one, Then it is, the transformation done, Less of a tree with each passing hour.
Change. To change oneself; what a contriversial issue. "Never change yourself" they say. "Be yourself" as if that was the only way. But I disagree. For we all change. Change for the better.
Large and stuffy building, jam packed full and tight, Hundreds of students gathered, trying to do what’s right.   “Get an education!” they tell us every day, But what they fail to do, is to teach us the way?
The pit pattering of heart stills Earth stops, water spills Thinking of ourselves as nothing? Passionately desiring for something Others forever against us Not wanting to hold us or defend us
If my Head is up there a part of  the clouds, then let the words that come out my Mouth,  be the first droplets of a Storm.   Storms can flood towns,  clearing away rust and rubble
I am alone Every day I sit At the edge of my home and I whisper to the abyss Later I return Hoping to hear A whisper clear From the Abyss
little toad what do you see?i see love hate and apathy;i see cristians jews and athiestsi see fools of sorts who go off to war.but dont know what they are fighting for.
Won’t you listen? Do not ask my name, For that was not my question. Heed my words and my message. Both of you, All of you, Every one of you. The world is crumbling,
Dear to bear witness To this lifes sickness And the grutus way Mankind gets this We are born free Yet born to just die Ur first freedom slipped so quickly Gods beautiful creation
You know what ticks me off? How people can be so cold  Dirty looks and a lousy greeting I'm new to this place, it's my first meeting All I want is a simple smile I'd like to see that every once in awhile 
It is dangerous to underestimate the value of this life.  It is dangerous to belittle the opportunities to overcome strife. Life is fragile. When it is lost, it is hard to know how to respond.
                                 A man                                                         his deprivation.                        scampers from                                                               gateway to
This is the place where all the kids come out to play...when it's real late and no one knows their names. Playing more than video games.
A reason I give
She used to be the sweetest girl ever, but her life became stuck in a sour chapter. She cries as she lies wide awake at night. Trying to keep her mind from losing this fight.
Life only favors the richWorking hard till deathWill we ever stop to restSeeing the rich enjoy lifeThe poor watch with doleful eyes  
Did you know that the butterfly represents life.
As the music plays, the only way to feel again is let love in. Can't you see it? Smiles contagiously shine. Ecstatic bliss overwhelms hearts. Consciences brighten with what is right. The color yellow glistens on the faces of the world.
The mascot of Nintendo; And the greatest hero of all time. He loves jumping around; Grabbing Mushrooms and Fire Flowers; Stomping on Enemies; Exploring the Mushroom World;
Young ladies too young to know what real love is. Too young to be dropping out of school. Popping out 3 or 4 babies at a time, spreading your legs for anything that walks by. Do you have any respect for yourself?
Long ago, the fire was dwindling With a roar, it kindled and manifested might That devastating roar was realization; I wasn’t truly alive   This is the element of my sign:
Times here on this planet Earth may be hard sometimes. I keep talking to myself in my head saying, "When will these problems end?". We keep thinking to ourselves, "If I just had this, I'd be happier".
I’ve heard America’s laughter and see smiles on their face I’ve heard America’s words to others, a disgrace I’ve felt Americas sorrow and anger from their mothers I’ve seen America’s racism and how one can act toward others I’ve witnessed America
            Will you ever notice me?             When I turn away from me?             Change my hair, my body, my animation?             Just to win your admiration.
You grow up and they tell you to look a certain way, and when it's not right they tell you to change. They say it's okay to be different, but not to different or you will have to change.
When everyone's screaming nobody cares what anyone else may have to say.
A life of a cell without a living cellis not much of a happy life at all.You humans make my life a living hellEvery time you slip and make me fall.
300 years of slavery, 300 years in chains, One hundred years of bravery, This finally led to change. Fifty years later followed Obama’s campaign, Somehow we are still scared from all the previous pain,
 You will never cherish what you have until it's no longer there,
I am woman, hear me bark. Like a poodle barking at the sight of nothing. That's what men say we argue over. Believe me, it's something. Cha-Ching! That's the sound of money being made, today.
Not Stagnant By: Eric Turner
Silence You wanna be heard? Don't make a sound. It's profound.
One of my old poems:  My heart grows colder My body grows harder My hair grows longer The days grow darker   Look back and find I'm standing alone again And I come to discover
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Consuming fire
   Go to school, get a degree, maintain a successful career, fall in lov
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
1 John 4:9-11 In this the love of God was made manifest among us, th
You may see me as nothing more as child But I have grown and exprienced many things I will still experience alot but I am no mere child I am an 18 year old child I am a child who is legal
The sound of shoes scuffing the floor echoed throughout the hallway.    A black hood encases her face, hiding her from the world.   She keeps her head down,
The days that go by Day in and day out. My words would cry Don’t hurt me, don’t shout. The loudness of everyone roars in my tiny little ears,  Where I want to hear silence And my mind to be clear.
look up at the sky, what do you see? a big crescent moon facing straight towards me  its big, its bright, its so pretty
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
Every day, People suffer. They put on those fake smiles, pretending everything is alright.   But in reality, it's not,   Do we know that? They could be teased, maybe bullied.
Carnivore, take everything from me. Make me into someone who is not afraid of conflict.   Take this pain, allow me to be okay, for I can not bear with this hunger anymore.  
Change I hate it
I would go out on the corners Handing dollars to the needy I would give them so much food They could even be greedy I'd go to places Where water droplets are few And dig a deep well
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
     There are worse things than not talking You can say something wrong                       you're stupid                           leave
Heartbreaks Couldn’t be you all by yourself
Now this poem might start off as a little bit rude but i think its time to speak some real hard truth on the matters at hand that are destroying society and bringing on an age of violence and mediocrity  
If i had one wish, i think that wouldn't be enough
Music inspires seeds of intellectual concept to sprout from a fresh mind. Weeds find their way into a mix of ideals when the presence of spirit is in question.
I always knew this day would come. Goodbye was never so hard before. New days are calling, my dreams still young.
The nostalgia sets in as I attempt to remember a time in my life without music:  
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
They say t
At times I feel its best to let everything be decided by fate. Sitting in the sidelines whatching what'll happen next peering at the world as I procastinate  
You never had to be profane
I went roaming (Villanelle poem) I went roaming in their territory, They can break and bruise me, I'll never stop fighting Snickering and doubting me, I am neither strong nor skilled,
If there's one thing that disgusts me about the world today it'd be the lack of acknowledgment of wrongs This country is the biggest offender especially when its main goal is based off of legal tender
Childhood Be good Take your nap Eat your greens Too many sweets Makes you sick   Running wild Making up games We live without shame Playing princess And Power Ranger
Here I stand with nothing of my own, Everything was given to me from the start. Standing on an empty road I must take this path alone, Watching everything fall apart.
Before you try to silence me, judge me Before you treat my story with negativity
Lets spread our wings up and high
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
You haven’t changed I wish I could keep myself away
High School, Not The End But The 13eginning   I remember
Dear Society.
Power I have none I can't change anything Stuck between wants and needs I don't have anything Unless I find a way I take the hard road Education can get me out
Walking the dreams of something that will never come true
Uprising, insurge
Change, to make something different, transform, or convert, making a difference in lives, or committing to work, for change is never accomplished because it is always needed,
Steamy hands on the window pane She takes a breath and slips away Pulled by hands of a sick step-father Iron bars built all around her   She threw herself to the men she saw
This world has become so sad Peace has been destroyed because foolish men have gone mad. And it’s because of all the misery Of the demons voices in their heads victories.
Still like water, in the shade of palms Beneath the arms, of a desert sun This soul is calm, with the frequencies Of the cosmos, flowing through me Blue sky across rough horizon Endless are these dry oceans
I don't seem to get the meaning in making more meek men suffer man made rules   Its a never ending cycle of tips and tunes and steps and breaks   Eyeing the moving hands,   
I sometimes ponder whether our souls simply conjure the vices that mold our souls into monsters, or if heavy hearts simply sink like lead when life's violent seas bring disease and death.
i saw what you went through. i saw the sadness in your eyes. i know that you thought what they said was true. and everyone who trys to help you dry your crying eyes, you push away.
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
I like rainstorms They wash the world around me It smells new
I wish I could change the world,
Wooden Door. Silver Knob. Twist torque.
A change so exciting, so different, so new New Friends and Old Friends becoming few Parties, Football games, Laughs, The Insane
They sit, contemplate, ready for their battles. Fiery words are thrown, angry men scream and shout,
Bombing InquiryThe Ghost of Gun ControlWeaken a President.No Humor in Terror.Democrats, Dragons or Drones?Lost Every DayBeyond FearBroken Justice in the Bronx 19 Wounded in New Orleans Shooting
My eyes, crystal clear. I'm opned, anew... Inspired too. None other than the word love can explain it- It's bubbling over, unable to contain it. Not wishing to do so, I wish I had none.
I am the poet, madder red The odd accumulation of odds and ends. Bright and tarnished, waylaid silver My worth is determined by the words I'm giving. But I am not only a poet of odds and ends
This isn’t some side job that you can pick up whenever you have extra seconds on your wristwatch.   The nebulas of your eyes are always looking, observing each individual
I have an unhealthy attraction to brokenness
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
Who is poverty?Where did it come from?What will be its remedy?Why does it cause so much pain?When can we eradicate its name?How do we begin to let our lights shine and ruin its fame.?
From dawn to dusk Unable to seize Unable to capture Unable to freeze. The 8:30am heat.             It has awaken to burn Your sole. Pigment.
A brave man will fight against all odds for those he loves A coward will slink away A courageous man will fight for those who cannot
I fight a battle, I fight a war To find a job that I adore. But it must pay well my mother shouts, But it must be growing my father pouts. How can I worry about such things When I can barely find the means
There is a war waging on this world. It is waged by every country, every boy and girl. Every stream, every ocean feels the war’s pain. And water fights back with acid rain.  
How should I afford college? I'm sure this question lingers heavy upon every student's mind.
  but poor Peter, for then he was lost out at sea there was never a man so alive as was he forever, it seemed, he was just as a child adventurous, lost, and a little bit wild.  
Change, change, change. What would I change about my appearance?What would I change about my life?What would I change about my world?
I'm in a trance Staring at my hands, and everything they do Everything they touch Everything they feel Everything they expirience And change.
With a word backstage When the audience becomes silent You could hear the sound of the safety pin holding together your costume Drop Curtain Applause resounds and lights search
The engine on the lawn mower roars to life, Behind it, a homely gardener emerges, The sweat on his brow glistens in the sun. He stops to rest and turns to the street,
I'm finally going to fill up the pages of my life.  No more blanks. No more hesitation to fill in the spaces with bold, deliberate strokes.    I'm going to be able to focus again
The time lost the time is gone  Our time we had was just so fun Every time with you it was just so great Now it seems I showed up too late
Ten thousands thoughts collide behind these eyes Cacophonous silence that drives me wild At all times led in every-which way But bound by science to live in only one place Choice is a hefty weight upon by back
I sit and stare, My mind a blur, With little sparks around.    They dance and sing, and start whistling, Hence creation starts to flow.    My head attuned,  My heart balloons,
We live in a world in need of great reform Where discrimmination and poverty keeps us all so torn How can we change this, you may ask?  Perhaps we should accept all individuals at last
As the stars shine in the night sky, 
No reflection in the mirror Because society doesn’t see me No confidence in my life Due to boundaries in my community No money at the bank Cause I never get a raise Only sorrow in my eyes
"Does the wind still rise?" stories told won't be forgotten kids running and the sun setting tell me these don't mean something can i tell you a story that you will clutch and carry and never let go
I have a voice, &I'll use it as if it were my last choice. My words and my thoughts define my expressions.
She was only 14, When he had collapsed into her lap. Eyes filled with terror, Hands shaken cold.
This is how my story could read, If I could help victoms families in need. Becoming a medical examiner would be a hardship and put me in debt, But there is no challenge that I have not met.
“What could we change if I offered to help?”Take note of this thought. Tape it to walls.Stick this to billboards and light postsand maybe the back of your head of you're bald!
I must change The voice in my head is telling me I must change
I let the shadows speak I let the mind grow But never let it be weak, To discover the things I need to know.   A beginning of a moment must come to an end The end of a moment must come to a beginning.
Three line segments sat in space. Together, they kissed three invisible vertices.
If I could change only one thing About the whole entire world
The paddng of boots and storms of dry dustDroplets of sweat brushed of bare backs in gusts The breath of the sun brings the warmth of dry weatherEach wisp of a breeze carries smells of new leather
    Neighborhoods don't improve.
If I could change the world I would not start with civil rights Or sorrowful, sleepness nights Or stopping all the senseless fights   I would not start with prostitutes Or giving people therapy
Life allows choices.. You can be productive and impactful. You can do nothing and be ignored. The choice is yours alone. Impact. Are you ready? Take the step, find the courage, welcome the challenge...
So far, no longer With technology and mind stronger Galileo could never dream that in reach was the moon's seam. With my own hands  and Armstrong's stands the Moon--light years away
A world once of simplicity Has fallen into a mystery From chaos and destruction Humanity could only blossom
For the greater good, for the information that the people need The people that work hard to find new technolgoies, tests, and cures that will heal the sick -   
If I could I would Fill the empty place in hearts To move on in life
Because we are the broken and shattered crooked smiles on crooked streets treadmill runners yearning for a place to be Because we desire to be found as "somebody"  
We hear about problems, All over our world, How there are  bombings, shootings, And deaths allured.    What people forget, Is how this all began, With hatred that came,
“You’re too young”.
The insecurities of a girl fought everyday The lust for love  always in the way The world that we live in, can be so cruel, But lets look at the beauty there is too, The green of the earth,
In the depths of Tarturus, we long for spring time.There is no spring here, in the world we live.We are surrounded by Evil.By Hatred.  
In the depths of Tarturus, we long for spring time.There is no spring here, in the world we live.We are surrounded by Evil.By Hatred.  
Spinning so fast goes the world, life happens so swift it comes in a twirl. Be still, my soul, be still right now. It doesn't even give excitement somehow.   "Slow down!", I say as I run so fast.
Acceptance is key  labels have become a necessity  and now they determine our worth whether it's skin color, your hometown  even your choice of clothes or your choice of faith  Acceptance is key 
Ah, the good old days, Where people laugh and smile, And children run and play. Kindness stays in town for a while.   Oh, the pressing present, Where people push and scorn,
Wisps of dreams To win the mean
Change It is what people fear the most But also what people expect as they progress
Oh, the beauty that could be,Oh, the beauty that could be,
She cannot change her opinion of herself, Can she only support the silenced. Deep in her throat, She knows she cannot change her opinion. The domain of man has changed their opinions, Of themselves,
I've never liked change too much Change brings risk Risk brands possibility Possibility boils expectation Expectation breeds disappointment   I've never liked change too much
I know that I am not alone I know that I am loved  So ask me what my faith is Ask me how I know   Or tell me that this science thing  Has put me in a hole You will tell me that religion
Another day One of hatred and greed A world of sin with no consequence For the deed No shame For the world is the same Keeps on trudging Day after day But stop
If I could change something I'd change the way you look at the world. I'd turn the scars on your arms into butterlies and kiss marks. i'd make you smile every night before you wen to bed. 
No one knows what to expect at birth. I didn’t choose this life, life choose me It's just meant to be. No one can choose, I had to learn to adapt It was either that, or end up on my back.
Nothings perfect in our world. Some of us thing we are, but we all have our quirks, our… issues.   I don’t mind calling myself an imperfect human being, there’s always room for change in me.
People are starving Becoming homeless and dying We got to make a change By making a committee we can arrange  
I saw a smuge of eyeliner  on her sunned, freckled cheek I wish I didn't have to watch her shimmy  sighing hard  into her jeans or smearing her lipstick  on a dry dark mouth
They called her names They laughed as she cried They pretended to be friends with her They filled her head with lies   She believed their words She took it to heart
  Hello world, Have we met yet? No? Are you sure? I could have sworn I was that veterinarian from that one time
if I couldi wouldchange every mirrorto reflect nothingbut our soulsso when the world glances,they see their beautybeaming from their hearts…or identify the crueltythat may harvest
No need to question your view
The way they see her The way their eyes scuttle up from her purple painted toes to the kinky curls upon her head Fixating on the width of her hips The rotundness of her belly The cellulite in her thighs
I feel a change occuring In my mind, my soul, caging My thoughts, my affections This emotion is raging I feel these connections In my neighbors, I can see aging In eachothers' faces, 
People always ask me,why some of my scarsactually spell out words.I tell them that maybe,just maybe,if those words areforever on my bodythey may someday mean
Give me a new heart, one that is pure and clean. Give me a heart that forgives and forgets, Not one that keeps grudges on a chart.   Give me a heart that will never stop loving,
  Changing../ It's all changing.../ It seems as if everything, has to change./ Nothing can ever stay the, same./ But if I could change, anything.../ I couldn't choose./ I'd h
Presently, I'm treading water In a sea of memories trying Their best to rush over me; Like music infiltrates the ears of the listener. That simple, that quick, That easy to lose yourself and get
Explain to me the difference between a house and a home, I've tried all alone but only to find it's not in my bones, I'm deep, Deeply lost,  Deeply sorry, Sorry for what I am, Sorry for what I do,
If I could hold a heavy hammer,  I would build a tree - something. 
To change the world with just one thing, An act akin to Sisyphus's to put a name to this change.
My father always told me I can't change people   I can only change myself   If I had the power....   I would change the girls on the playground who thought they were cooler  
If I could change any one thing  I'd like to be able to sing. For though I excel in much my voice cannot do such. The way the birds sing a song makes me sad that I cannot sing along.    
  Guatemala,             Trying to leave the 3rd World.             That's why we need UNITY! Israel,             So much sorrow and pain beneath those shawls.
If I could change one thing, Just one thing What would it be?   Would I change the color of the sky? Or maybe give humans the ability to fly, I could change the food in schools?  
What Would You Change… If you had the power to change anything what would it be? Your hair, Your name,
My hair The color too dark I would make it glow with blonde   My eyes A dullish brown I would make an ice colored kingdom   My nose To pointy and big
Your pain is my pain. My pain is yours. We share that just like we share blood. Struggling to get up each morning. Praying that we make it through our day. We are our own warriors, in our own war.
Hatred, Anger, War. Darkness in the Hearts of Men. From what roots grow this twisted tree? Where drop its tangled vines? Implanted in Human Nature, Fear of Death, and Pain. A growing unease, uncertainty.
Changing More than your clothes More than your appearance Start with yourself, and look deeply Inside   Leading More than yourself  More than what's expected
Never been one to settle on one thing, my mind always moving, never pausing to stick to one choice, one life-altering decision. Even my love for language sometimes never seems strong enough for a life-long commitment.
We live in a huge planet With many friends and family That it would be nice To be with them entirely.   But there are many influences Around us everyday That maybe one day
Change in one's self only happens within that one breathe, to change replenishes the unclean from being the broken to the mistaken.
A fatal choice;On but a whim the world unmake,Could I,For this inquiry's sake:"What would you change?"  
There are so many ways to make change But what is a dollar?  Just a body of ideas the government has told us is worth our time  just a collection of nickels and dimes And, I know, a penniless poet is penless, 
Shake up the nation Change the atmosphere Make them all know  That I am here   You say I'm a failure You say that I'm too small But just watch Cause your preconsived notions 
If I could change anything I would grow claws and teeth long enough to cut through the fake, plastic coating  that covers the world saying one has to be
I'd change time. The pace, the unsteadiness. The uneasiness, the discombobulation.
No more hurt, No more pain, No more broken hearts, And no more devastating surprises. There is a cure for cancer. 
Change. Coins in your pocket jingle Change. From relationship to single Change. Set a fire and let it go Change. When spring melts the snow
Change? Change is the thing we all desire
I sit here 
I sit here 
Change is the wind. Bringing with it new things Both tangible and intangible Taking old things Constantly happening Giving Destroying Always happening Change is the wind.
ChangeIsSo nat--ural. HowCan we say that ChangeIs strange or even deranged whenOur whole being consists of making transitions here.TheDaysGrow bothLong and short
  Decayed Tears drench down sunk in faces.
What would I change If I had but one choice One thing to say With this small, fleeting voice? What would I change?   I could go back into history To the outset of time
I really like your style girl but I hate the fact that you wild, play this game always ends the same is this how it all goes down?
If I could change something  what would I do? Would I make a new building or create a zoo? No I would change something more important The life of a child One who is unspoken
They say CHANGE is good Perhaps even necesary But every experience i've ever encountered with CHANGE has been negative How do you accept something that you've never wanted?
how can we change the world
There are a thousand thing
waiting on change one could be waiting a lifetime  are you waiting on your crush to confess their love to you? why? are you waiting on your product to take off beyond the stars? Why?
Our world is infected. We are dying slowly. Festering in their sins, our mothers and fathers  sit and wait. and wait. Wait. Waiting for it to end, either in light, or darkness.
You hear it all the time The cliched,  "There are only two types of people in the world..." But the world is more than just black and white
Who am I? What am I?
At sixteen years of age, in some ways I am not the girl I once was. I am not the care-free little girl who had no qualms. I am not the girl whom making friends was the easiest task in the world.
So many competitors, not enough prizes  I hope to seek a win in some of my suprises My ambition to win is higher than most  Although I've been passed by as if I'm a ghost
Two tomorrows
I close my eyes.   I want to see The canopy of oaks Dancing together        Swaying Their mossy branches Back and forth To their natural rhythm   I want to smell
Life as we know it Life is full of change Day to day it seems the same
The rap game is constantly changing Unfortunately, not for the better Instead of making songs about positivity, morals, and goals They're rapping about sex, cars, and  clothes
Back to the days when life had little meaning for us. Forced out of our homes watched our son die and heard our daughter scream as they were being raped. We saw the strange fruit hanging from the trees.
Silence screams clearly About the hurt inside all Speak up. Reach out. Heal. 
*/ /*-->*/  Tell me Sterling, what is "change?" " A verb; to make or become different. Whether it be yourself
I see change In every second there is change
Thoughts are as common as the world And at the same time they shape it Sticking to our detailed minds making them twirl
Teacher, teacher, taught me well, just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'. Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be, my dream job, my soon-to-be. Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,
Sew a quesiton mark to your deams imagine where you shall be. Maybe you are a tree staying, waiting, without motion in one place for a lifetime seeing changes around you
Boston is such a beautiful city, Especially in the winter. Don't you love the lights that shine On the trees near Quincy Market And the laughter you hear From the people all around you?
A young woman, eighteen and fair, With big brown eyes and long brown hair, Made her way past the lamppost that stood, In the middle of her neighbourhood.  
Commitment To mention, to scratch, to consume Is not enough Eagerness, Longing, True appreciation Is the key instead Participation is better than observation Sitting and waiting only bring you
I would change it all To be free, or maybe just me To be seen, as me
If I could change anythingI would change the worldThe way we look at each otherThe way we treat the environmentThe careless outlookAnd the deep desire for money
Change Change starts from one-self, in order to change the outside world
Little children with waterfalls for glistening eyes Feel pain left behind from the earth’s constant change However we aren’t changing with it The battle for peace Isn’t peaceful at all
Children growing up too fast Hurrying to have sex before they go to class
I dream in Green I dream in shades of emerald and jade I dream in trees In plants, in mountains And sea
The power to work and the power to try,The power to tell the truth and the power to lie,This power is within us all.But look around see how we’ve fallenShort of what we could be.
What would you change If you could change Anything at all?   Would you make your parents Happy? Or would you go back In time? Correct a mistake? Do Better at school? Be nice to
Sat in silence and wondering how the world could be this way We're shaped with stamps of expiration from the day that we are made Time, my friend, he steals from me the chance to change my fate
Inspiration Where does it come from? Echos believe it comes from the places we've been. Whispers believe it comes from the things we have seen. All I know is that it comes to us in slow waves.
That little triangle, seemingly innocuous Delta, the Greek letter Symbol of change, symbol of difference Should represent our generation, our world.   Everything changes without stop
If I could gain the courage, I’d learn how to change myself. Not because I think there’s something wrong with me, but because I know that I can become better.
Change Change Change, All about and all around  But it’s the wrong kind of change.
For my change?what would I change? Not change as in money, not change as in cash.. But change as in movement & advancements done fast. Change as in a beginning of something brand new,
Every time I turn on the news, a family, a person, a life is bruised.
I stretch my span of wing, in the air once again My senses are heightened, carefully I listen; Silence. I fly over forest, why is the green so thin?
To change the world, Would be to change creation, To change the world,  Would be to change war, blood, hurt,  To change the world,  Would be to change friendships,  To change the world, 
She was everything her mother had dreamed of
Change people's actions For others to help one another  Instead of staying in fractions
Yesterday, I thought I would change the world, So I walked outside to see it all Thinking, "Where should I start?" So I began my search.   I looked to the sky, I looked to the seas
There are things which words cannot express things we feel emotions in distress   Swirling inside us forever trapped never to escape and interact   There are some who see
I would change society because it blocks reality and clouds perceptions
I once knew him. A boy with bright eyes and despair that seeped through his bones over his overpriced buttoned down shirt sleeves yet it wasnt visable to those around him but I knew him.
  It is hard to define                         Perfection Still, society struggles to be the reflection             Perfection
  I look at the world I was thrust into Those before me have left me with a burden of a debt And the wounds of war They tell me not to worry, They tell me that they are not the enemies
Is it what you wanted?
Ignorance is blindness,  and blindness is ignorance. We walk these hollow streets,  thinking we are fine, when truly we are walking on  an abhorrent line. Ignorance is blindness.
What would you change? What would I change? I'd chage the way peole think, Get rid of the unnceccasary judgement. Who needs that? Certainy not we. We have the power to learn,
I'm told to pick something to change. What possibly could it be? Would I choose more peace? Mean judgments to cease? I simply cannot see.   Some say that appearance matters.
Hand a dollar to your neighbor if she's ever in needShare a smile with a stranger when his endeavours succeedTake a cloud from the storm and make the lonely a new friend
If I nail this audition If I get this part
The world is a heavenly-hell type of place Some days are good and some days are awful I just wish there was one thing about me I could erase The way people treat me, just feels unlawful  
Change. Everyone wants it. Even me. But then I think about what I must exchange, In order for my change to be.   I don’t want any hate, But if everyone can only love,
I don't know what love is, Well, that's what they said. As they went and spouted that nonsense To their flavor of the week.I don't know what love is?I wonder... What is it that I feel,
Give me a generation,  and we will change the world Give me an hour, and you will turn the tides Give me five is all that is required, but deep inside you know you can inspire
did you know how much you mean to meor that I absolutely treasure youyour so unique in every way.I may make fun of you in every wayand pick on you for your little quarks
Life is full of opportunites And it's up to me to take my chances. To give back and not only change my life, But change everyone who advances. Because life isn't always easy.
Lost in a world without you, Your just miles down the road Living in your own world With only technology to keep us together But what happens When that very foundation that kept us together
With so much wrong in this worldI cannot decide who is to blameI know not who causes povertyNor all the criminals could I name I would like to change so many things
I wonder all the time Why they talk and whisper;  Why they can not seem to understand that we are all different.   No one body is the same No one mind thinking the same thought.
but one dollar —                -leap- 
Too often girls hear the word NO. NO you can't go to school- you're not allowed NO you can't get a job- it's not in our culture NO you can't leave the house- it is too dangerous But I WANT to go to school
How does one change in the face of all?
Imagine everyone being happy. The poor, the rich, the hobos, the CEOs. You can, and in your mind, you imagine them smiling. After all, smiling’s happiness. But you’ve smiled.
"Stop It!
The world as we know it tumbles towards its demise, And the cause of this catastrophe eludes all but the wise Who know pollution, war and such - all harmful, there's no doubt - Clearly share a common root, which they could not go on without.
A system of organized conformity. Students rush from class to class. Girls in skirts, guys in pants. Clones.   Students listen, Write, Study, Memorize, But they don't learn.
No one seems to understand why our society is the way that it is.
She didn’t wear a turtleneck; She looked at me once; She sat on the opposite side of the bar: She asked to be raped.   It comes from a tree; A tree is a plant; Plants are green:
Change It comes in great voluptuous waves that knock back humanity Or in tiny rivulets that slowly cascade and bring a passive awareness.
People are not clothesTo be cast off as the weather changesUseful, needed even, but all togetherHollow.  
The Human mind is very stouborn, very closed, and very tight. Ever since the day we were born, we lose our sight, to what WE think is right.   The way Humans think is not so great,
It’s funny.   They look at you, Gaze into your thoughts, Pretend they understand.  
The Language of God By: Carrie Olsen   I am in a land that is not my own. No one knows what I am saying. Unrestricted, uncensored, I am free. I have a power over them, they do not understand me.
The renewing of my mind would not be an easy feat 18 years of conditioning will be a struggle to reverse 18 years of thinking that I was never enough; good enough, smart enough, pretty enough
I would have $5 for ever hungry child I see on the street Give the homeloess man that lives in the tunnel a cup of coffee each day Cover the backs of those without a shirt If I could change the world
There are many things that need a fix But if I can only change just one, Government policy is what I’d pick Even if only a little can be done.   The economy is in such a bad state,
 I am the sailor of the ship, and I sail the seas.
Look at you I could dry children’s tears with your  honey hair, With your peach lips plant poppies in soft fields, Lay clouds and oceans in your transcendent eyes. And seek solace in the blush in your skin.
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
Was it childish fancy or love? I stumbled, and then I fell Down, down, down Until I landed in his arms.   He always made me smile, Made me giggle, made me laugh I always longed to stay a while,
I would change as much as possible. The world to be in a much better place, no more war, no more hate but the world would still be balanced. I would change the world so we could have peace.
What would I change? Some things bigger than the Earth, some things as small as a Moment, Some things you may never have Thought of. The smallest Moments can change the most.   What would I change?
 I am on
Reach. Her arms are forever out-stretched pointing towards the sky. The rumbling in her stomach orchestrates her frustration that stirs in her mind. 
If i had the power to change a thing- no matter how big or small what would it be? it would be nothing at all.How would we know what love is if we havent experienced the hate?
If I could gather the world I would show them lots of loveI'll paint them in colors of doves
We are the change that will change the worldThe change is inside every boy and girl
What is my Dream Job ?  The Question I have been asked  for many ages now  but i finally have a response 
You want change you say, and here you all are preaching it. Preaching it to please. Please who? Yourselves? Pu-lease.           Oh, oh, oh! I'll change lives.
  I’m crying. Right now I’m crying. The salty sorrows slowly sinking Caused because of too much thinking Ten-fold more as I start blinking Crying sadly so.   I’m screaming.
I once saw a child whose eyes were wild Hyper little thing with dreams and hopes in the mind Running, running, jumping, playing, smiling Her world had talking stuffed toys, adventures filled with imagination
One day I'll make a difference, you see Stuck and Lazy, stubborn in my own place But now I claim there's something more to me  I'll come out first in this potential race  The stakes are high but i shall not falter 
A Desire 
"Daddy are you on land? Daddy are you at sea? Daddy why arent you here with me?" Although we don't know where you are, one thing is for sure, your heart isn't to far. Our duaghter is saddened, and I frightened.
Fettered to a spinning sphere
change of
We woke up in this place, shattered but alive,   The world is a monstrocity,  we manage to survive.   Torn up children's faces and corrupted civil wars,  
  School makes me lonely It’s not like Being here has made me friends In my dreams I can see Smiling faces of friends and family But when I am awake I see People that care for themselves
If I could change things     She would not fear alley ways In her new short skirt
If we opened our arms, To hug her tight, If we wiped the tears, of whom cried at night, If we listened to the voices, That were afraid to speak, So eager to be heard, But never said a word.
what would i change? no matter how big or small what would i change? I would make the smallest kids seem tall I would give knowledge to the ones who need it most
If I could change anything,I'd open our eyes.Open them to the childrenCalling out for help.Open them to the homelessShivering in the streets.Open them to single parents
There is no better race, Everyone is of equal taste In the eyes of God.   It doesn't matter what you are. Asian or hispanic, White or black, People are all the same.  
For a year now, I've been free from high school. Or at least I thought I was free from its rule. For that year, I chose to be lazy and not do anything, Not even acknowledge my brother's engagement ring.
There is a world of prejudice out there One filled with more hate than I could write It progresses on Even as its inhabitants don't There is a world of hypocracy out there
One job can shift me into a better being helping the blind see or give a nerveless woman feeling
What I would change In this world with many things Is the attitude towards women When they wear shorter things Because I shouldn’t be judged Or followed down a street For wearing a dress
They say my thighs aren’t skinny enough That my hair isn’t long enough Or curly enough. They say my stomoch isn't skinny enough That my hair isn't skinny enough That I am not enough But I don’t care.
What did you say when the ink was etched into the skin of many, pale, fragile, souls locked away for a difference in belief? What did you feel when the two mechanical beasts in the sky light,
I would have changed the way I treated her. Cast away from the land of African Pride, That one snowflake  Unable to melt or shine. I was supposedly a nice person. I was that girl 
Classrooms are bustling. Students are hustling. The school day is underway. The teacher is up front on his sway. The same routine over and over. The class sits, bored, getting older and older.
Although it seems to be in the trees, or maybe that sun, or birds, or bees, that make us all feel a bit more alive, I think this solution resides inside. Happiness can't be contracted like the flu,
What would you change? The shape pf your body, or the color of your skin? The size of your car, or the car you live in? Or maybe thats all too cliche for you.. perhaps you would change the world, and end the wars too?
If I had the power to change things I would not change much Just the direction of my feet When the ground is hard and Laden with a cobbled facade I would change the sound of a tragedy
  If I could change one thing, it would be discrimination The only thing it brings its separation The world has no place for segregation We are brothers and sisters So why are we adversary?
They starve here and there They starve everyday, but no more Problem solved everywhere     
To the poet who uses words to explore, to you who thinks you know more, you manipulate a bondage of words to stage, I the historial who studies the past,
If I could change the world, I would abolish prejudice; Or the bumpy past, That created it. No race more superior, No size more supreme. Only happiness,  And positivity gleamed.   
I don't want to seem selfish I know there's bad all around But this holllow sound of emptiness Drowns out all of the cries for help   I don't want to seem selfish
It’s not working And not much has changed So it’s time for blunt action To take place. I should not worry Walking home at night. Teach your sons no means no
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
An expert dressed in appropriate attire
To look in the mirror and see something different, I wonder if that’s the apple I’d pick.
Racism. It's such a strong word, A prevelant issue, Something that separates, Discriminates. It leads to wars. It does not love. It is an unjust system. It hurts.
You ask what I would change myselfWell, my friend, you seeThere's nothing I wish to change in myselfBe I'm perfectly flawed as me  
ONE day you'll dream a dream
Choice is a conscious decisions We choose what we wear And what we say And what we do But Love is not a choice Love is a feeling Mysterious and dangerous Silently screaming
listen  to me wen i say that im done its over i need it to be over listen to me when i say that im ready to try im ready for this to end listen to me when i say
I look forward to the day When the share post doesn't need to say: "Share if you are a strong black woman who doesn't need a man." "Share if you are a strong woman who doesn't need a man."
Devilish deliverer of darkness Eerie establisher of ease Faithless father of fear
I loved her so until the end but even my love could not mend of the evil that lived inside of her and continued to hide We had to make our schedules bend
Look at Pam, at Sam, and even Frank Look at all the misfortune kids around the world.
People don't seem to understand people think we're bubbly  silly overly happy and hysterical teenagers  when in reality we're the complete opposite It's not all rainbows and unicorns
He said this She said that You come to me asking for help because you know  you know that I will even if I'm ill don't question it but when you leave and talk behind my back
The eyes of my mother show me. I see the change of life imposed upon her. Her hair lightes to gray. Her skin shrinks on her hands. Her memories only vivid in her imagination. To give youth to the aging.
Honesty is all I would change maybe if we all could be genuine love would not be in vain if I could change the roles of honesty maybe a liar would feel the victims pain He lied to me that's why I feel this way
I search, but never find the key that unlocks my mind. The truth to a lie, a clue to crime. A heart that never dies, a soul that never cry's.
I'd change the construction business. They stop traffic Take up time And NEVER seem to finish the job.   Late to work, The only thing the tires get is dirt.   The way it is built
Sometimes it feels like I'm walking in circles Encountering the same things everyday Like a boring routine   An exit door is at a moments reach  The door's unlocked But I still walk in circles
i wonder if we will ever realize we look an awful lot like ants working so hard to move over a crumb proudly building our beds but the storm can wash it away any minute panicking over a dew drop
There are people everywhere, living life without a care. But with a plea and a cry I beg for them to open their eyes. Plastic Islands in the Sea Merky water filled with pee.  No longer peaceful and sarene 
What sustains life on earth What began life on earth What we rely on day by day for the relief in our bodies It’s chopping the thread that holds his life   The thread is cut deep
I want to live in a world without hate Everyone who is muslim is not irate If God is love then why are there religious wars? The amount of fighting since ancient time soars
Hate.. An awful, six billion ton'd word.. You can feel it build like a crescendo in an orchestra in seconds... You can hear it crash through walls no matter how deaf..
At the top of the ladder is your goal. Each of the ladder's poles represents Your steps and efforts to get closer to that. And your soul plays a major part in your pace.
Did you ever think The young girl with the brace face Or the boy who was afraid to come out Or the teenage mom who to her family was only a disgrace Would be living on the brink Of a never-ending sleep?
Look at the leaves change Why can't we change something, too? I wanted to change.   Changing me would be Trying to change a brick wall I tried way too hard.   Worked at it all day
This world is tuff So are we The young, The old, the weak. It only takes one. No more No less. Will that one be you?    
I look out onto the world,A broken, world full of hate,Changing minds and people unsat,
If I had the power, I would help a baby bird to fly. I would teach it how to use its wings. I would catch it if it fell. I would make it believe in itself. If I had the power, I would help the mother on minimum wage.
I dream of world, our world A world where kindess is a first instinct where we stand together in all times we work together to better the world my world, our world
you have so many great things about you your jokes make me laugh your smile makes me happy your voice can change my mind in a secent   by now i know i love you but... your anger scares me
You can't look at yourself in the mirror anymore without seeing failure written on your forehead. You're at an all time low.
Questioning Changges Everything
Im tired tired of waiting to have a perfect body tired of all the screaming  tired of all the lies  tired of not being perfect  why cant life be easy  why cant our generation be in peace 
  Imagine a world with no color How dull our lives will be Every moment the sky gray That’s not the way Our dreams won’t be dreams We will wake up with screams Because a world with no color
We live in a world where celebrities have replaced role models And political leaders are universally labeled “liars,”   Childhood idols crowd rehab centers And Gagas have replaced our Ghandis,  
If I had the power to change something, I wouldn’t change anything. Between me, my community, and the world There is nothing to change, not one thing.
If I could change one thing It would be so that the world could stop hating. It would be so that the color of my skin, The religion that I practice, The people whom I choose to love,
Sick. Sick of pulling that mask on again today. Sick of playing the part of the girl they expect to see.   Tired.  Tired of trying so hard to find the right way. 
Change is what people think they can accomplish Change is what people think they can bring to themselves, Yet they can't bring it to what we call "today" We have people dying of hunger,