Dead Flowers

Flowers can't grow without water, 

Love can't grow without guidance. 

Flowers can't grow with stress, 

Love can't grow with hate. 


Flowers bloom and die, 

The same happens without love and we still wonder why.

Why we have a generation, 

That only knows how to hold in its frustration. 

Why feelings are constantly hid, 

When that's all we're taught as a kid. 

Hate is more than a concept or a human construct. 

Hate is a state of mind, 

One you're in all the time. 

Hate will eat you whole, 

Until it has hold of your soul. 

But love, love is quite the opposite. 

Love is a state of being, 

One that is always freeing. 

Love will heal your soul, 

And patch every little hole. 


Let go of hate, violence. 

Live loudly, live in love, live with flowers




This poem is about: 
Our world


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