I am the poet, madder red

The odd accumulation of odds and ends.

Bright and tarnished, waylaid silver

My worth is determined by the words I'm giving.

But I am not only a poet of odds and ends

Waylaid silver and curves and bends

To be only that would be to sneer

And the Maker-Man who made it clear

I am in His image.

And God is not a Poet only.

Granted, and to be sure, a Poet He is

More than that, all poetry comes from Him

But to say He is only a Poet is a lie

To say thats all I am, is not right.

I am the odd amalglation of poetry,

Stories, snippets and songs.

Curls and whirls of philosophy and theology

A Bible college student who learns Hermenuetics

But needs the basics not only of Math and English

But Philosophy, the soul's flex and breathing.

To say that I am only one thing at a time is foolish

Anybody can be two things at once.

I at once enjoy rap and Gaelic laments,

And never once have I turned away a good country song.

More than anything I like Tamora Pierce,

Except perhaps my love for the Psalms.

To say that I am at once, either holy or unholy

Sacred or secular,

Natural or Supernatural

Reeks of Gnosticism, and bondage.

I am at once an accumulation of ideas and mythos

All things evaluated in the palm of God's hand.

Safely perched on the crook of His thumb

I raise all questions to Him,

Burning coins in the flash-chatter of my mind.

All that I seek to learn and do is in Him.

The whole world is my dominion,

To be shaped and explored with ragged fingertips,

Tatted and matted from reading the universes brail.

To say that I as a Christian cannot be an explorer

Is to be of shallow faith, body and mind.

But until recently this is how I behaved.

I was created in God's image

Bound to be an explorer and reasoner of all the worlds mysteries.

Not all questions will be answered,

But humanity and history,

Philosphy and theology

Math, science, logic-all under the banner of Reason

All are deployed in my arsenal. 

I am not, as one would say, a Christian Scientist.

I am instead, living in God's image.

I am human, and fallen, savage and broken

And nothing redeeming is in me.

But God's redepmtion brought about by resurrection

Is what redeems these things, in me.



If you can't tell, this has been a profound week.


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