Hush Little Girl


Hush little girl, and rest in me
I know the things that you cannot see
Hush little girl, the way you feel
It is if the world it is not real
Hush little girl,when you look in the mirror
It is not size or beauty that you should fear
Hush little girl, and know my name
if you find life in me you wont be the same
Hush little girl, for when you feel lost
My love will find you I have paid your cost
Hush little girl, when you feel so small
My words inside you will make you tall
Hush little girl,when bad thoughts come your way
I will always wipe your tears...
MY CHILD, its ok

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I wrote this for the women who feel ugly, old, who do not have a father, who are damaged, depressed, unloved, unmotivated.... You have a father who values you just like a precious little girl

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