Change? The World

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Change The World

What is the World?

The World is a whole, the world is a concoction, the world is US.

What is Us?

Us are the people, We are Us? No! We are the people.

What are the People?

The people are we. We, the people who feel. The people think? No! The people know, we know.

Know what?

We, know us. As who? Our city, Our state, Our nation, Our Country, Our world, know the hurt, the struggle, the pain, the grief, the sadness, the mercy, the weak, the happiness, the joy, the fun, the law, the work, the patience, the sacrifice, What sacrifice? Our sacrifice! For what? For us. The World.

Our world isn't worth fighting for.

No! The world is, and are the people. The people are us. We. You and me. We are worth fighting for!

What is our World made of?

Our World is over-flowed with happenings neither you, nor me can fathom into explainable, comprehensible words. Our World is full of the very essence of our being, the drive of our bodies, to push on, forward, with the soul that sheds through our skin, that pours from throughout our minds onto the ends of our tipiddy toes, all the way to the twingling touch of fitteling fingertips. We, as the people, the people are us, We are the people, the people are life.

Life is not to be understood. What is life? Life is perspective, perspective we need to survive and to receive the knowledge provided, What is knowledge? Knowledge is perspective. What is perspective? Perspective is belief. Do I believe? Do you? belief is a choice within one's self-conscious, it gives you the ability to strive for something right and just, or to fall for evil deeds.

Why do you have all the answers?

I don't, you do, we do, together, as a whole. We are the people, We change the world, we change ourselves. We are the hero's, the villains, the vigilantes, the commoners, the villagers, the democrats, the republicans, the independents, we are us, together, forever, We make up our own environment, as individuals, individuals that become one world. We change ourselves, we change the world, so do we do it?

Do what?

Change? The World.


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