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What is race?
Does it tell us what to like?
Does it determine our future actions?
Or is it simply just something that pigeonholes us to carry the weight of the actions of our ancestors?

What is religion?
Does it tell us what to think?
Does it represent the product of an individuals undying aspiration of immortality?
Or is it simply just created hope laid upon us by the orthodox of our ancestors?

What is wisdom?
Does it determine wealth?
Does it plant you on a pedestal above other members of society?
Or is it simply just something that generates the idea that the carrier has Universal Remedy to the problems of life?



Your poem raises VERY interesting question; questions that I wish had a definite answer. Now let me ask you: what do you think the answer is to each of these questions you have asked? Each and every line in this poem is another poem in and of itself! It's not an easy task to think through all of these questions because they linger in the realm of what is unknown, however, we each interpret and discover our own answers to these questions! I challenge you to do the same and if you have already, I would love to hear your perspective!

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