Such A Normal Day

Sun, 11/10/2013 - 19:41 -- kmcole


As I sit in this class,

And you speak of many things.

Time comes to pass,

As I try to hold the knowledge you bring.


Eyes fighting the urge to close,

Attention starts to stray.

If your actions were more intriguing though,

Things wouldn't have to be this way.


Pacing back and forth,

Speaking in a tedius tone.

Being extraordinary for what it's worth,

Heads would be up and you'd never hear a grown.


Bringing excitement to the class,

Will improve the way to learn.

For students will enjoy the time that comes to pass,

And more knowledge will be earned.


Improving the way you teach,

Will keep attention from its stray.

Goals will most likely be reached,

And it won't be such a normal day.


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