Finding Myself

   Go to school, get a degree, maintain a successful career, fall in love, get married, and you know... live the American Dream.

   That's exactly how the story is told to women of my generation, but unfortunately that's not how it's written. I know because I'm still finding myself. 

   I went to school and enjoyed how carefree life was in high school; not a care in the world. All i remember thinking is once I get a car, I'll be ready to take on the adulthood. Well, that's common for the mind of a teenager.  Little did I know I was so far from finding myself.

   My first year of college was the beginning to my never ending. I was left alone, so I thought that meant I had control over my own decisions. No parents to monitor what you eat, who you're hanging out with, or when to clean your room. So I was free! I was a real adult ready to take on anything.  Sophomore, Junior, and Senior in college I soaked up all the mind blowing life experiences that college gives you. I became more of a woman and surfaced what adulthood took for me to outlast the goals I developed. So now I began to start finding myself.

   Life after college was the realest dosage I ever had. I thought well I went to college, got my degree but why can't I master the career part. Every job I knew I'd get would require the most abundant of requirements just to be considered. So what did I miss in college that I am not applying to be successful. At this point in life, I'm supposed to be in love and engaged, and starting my career in a fortune 500 company making an outstanding salary. Why is it so hard to find yourself?

  That's the thing about it all; it's a never ending experience that you'll continue to learn. It's not about what stage you are in life that can measure your success. It's you! I know that I am not ready to be successful and married to the love of my life, because I'm still experiencing my journey in life to get to those dreams and goals. I'm devoting my time in finding myself! 

So the next time you get down on yourself and get discourage, remember that you my friend are just like me; still living and finding yourself! 

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