The Misguided

I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going

you see they're robbin' us 

leavin' us with broken promises 

lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us 

it's so unjust 

the government is so deceiving

nobody follows dreams been to busy tryna get even 

and so I'm feigning, feigning for this attention 

tired of hiding in the dark where our generations been beaten

eaten alive of course and fueled with all this fury 

looking up to people like Kim K and Stephen Curry 

but wait scratch that curry is a good guy

it Beyoncé whom the people see as the appl to our eye 

the most high giving her praise 

but when's the last time we read the bible strait off the page 

when's the last time we thought to better ourself 

be realistic our parents don't just scold us for their health 

you see they're coming for we are the liberators 

but why are we bound chains and let the others to degrade us 

we've got to do better do something to come together not just at

funerals or when the police is out to get us 

ladies uplift our men there's no need to sell drugs 

or murder to understand to comprehend to survive 

in all this cruelty just know that you're all kings and God 

deserves your loyalty and men love on the ladies

they're worth more that their assets, sex, and having babies 

ladies respect yourself know your worth never let someone tell 

you that you're lower than dirt pull down your skirt all that can wait 

education will never make you cry or cause you a heartache this generation needs love 

it's so easily influenced it's sad because we don't have to come into the world

completley clueless.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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