A War I am Fighting

There is a war waging on this world.

It is waged by every country, every boy and girl.

Every stream, every ocean feels the war’s pain.

And water fights back with acid rain.


A great battle is erupting, striking the Earth.

And big business is questioning its worth.

Each forest is an army, each tree a soldier.

With every one cut down it gets a little colder.


They say it is all a lie,

The Earth cannot, will not die.

Weather decides to join in on the fight,

Hurricanes and tsunamis get stronger with all their might.


The big bosses are now angry at the Environmentalists,

But they will fight with propaganda and not statistics.

The animals have now joined the war,

And try as they might they die with a roar.


Nature is losing this battle, but it isn’t over yet.

They are able to retrieve one final threat.

The people have realized they are being unwise,

Who were once enemies are now allies.  


I am one of the allies to nature and I swore

As a scientist, I will change the outcome of this war.

I will help restore the valleys and replenish the trees,

Bring back the sunshine, and the fish and the bees.


This war isn’t over yet.

I will convince and inform so people don’t regret.

The decisions they made were a big cost,

But by helping now, all is not lost. 


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