No Mind of my Own

I was brought into this world with no mind of my own,

Seeing time fly by I knew I had no control.

Since the time I remembered I was only just five years old,

Sitting in play time by myself, I was alone.


I did'nt get along with others,

To say I was a victim.

Bullying, such a word I learned to loath, it was horrific.


I was just five years old, with no mind of my own.

Why was it that no one listened, I will never know.

Just a small little girl wishing for things to change,

So I picked up a pencil and paper, and sat down at my desk.


It all started with me just writing how I feel,

Get my emotions on paper, I felt as though I was in charge of the wheel.

 The wheel that would guide me through these hard times,

Just a small little girl, finding new ways to rhyme.


As time went on, my vocabulary grew,

I became wiser, understanding, hoping maybe things would change

But the arguments at home, just would'nt go away.

Yet to think this all started with a small simple mind.


Me, a girl, who always closed her eyes.

Imagining a place with a deeper meaning, better life, better tone

But this place was so far,

I had no mind of my own.


Fifth grade came by, God knew that I was happy.

To graduate with beautiful grades, i was more than overjoyed,



I had a better understanding of the world,

I realized I had a say,

In the bad things I knew i wanted to go away.

I finally spoke up, it was time, now a powerful young girl,


Who can say, she truly does have a mind of her own.


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