All eyes on you

Its time to tell the truth

We finally got the spotlight camera action

We must take action

So we must act

Not on a stage with the man pulling the strings

This is not oz

We make the world stand in ahhs

Because we capture their attention

Best in the game

No filter

Shameless promo the same

So make a scene

Paint a picture on what we want

So what do we want

And when do we want it

Finally we have that voice

The chance to make some noise

So I will make some noise

Blood spills

Blood red

Painting the ground

Another brothers dead

Gone with the wind

Not the romanticized south

I don’t mean to call names

Please excuse my lang

Uage but Ma’adam please excuse me

Excuse moi

Clearly there was a faux pas

So help this unarmed girl understand

The land of the free home of the brave

Under the justice flag that waves

But a man is still dead

Black white or not

A man will not wave

A man will not raise

His hands in salute to the flag

A boy will not get to serve

Simply because of a Justice swerve

I don’t understand why we argue

We left that man like last nights barbeque




Meat not man

We being all who stood and watched

We being those who sat in silence

We being those who hurt more than helped

We being those who said no

We being those trapped in our conciouse


As a reminder

I wish we could get the point


But theres a reasons we have black history

Because history is truly his story

Not ourstory

Not us

Just you.

As he lays

Red for the blood shed

Blue for his dark skin

White for our brothers

Land of the free home of the brave

Time to use our words and make some change


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