Testament to Time

In an era where the only feeling is time

That nurtures a budding, all-consuming longing

A never ending cycle of living, “Should it end?”

Countless attempts to press restart, to start anew

A mission to change my ringing tone

The “read” on the glowing screen for eternity existing


“What happened to more than existing?”

Two peas in a pod, nothing mattered, not time

I, a child listening attentively to your warm, conversational tone

A click away, never a moment of longing

In your friendly presence, a metamorphosis, I born anew

But with time, our time came to an end


With you, I never wondered, “Would we end?”

Silent, like the summer air, embracing, existing

Accepting, listening, no need to change anew

Our friendship not acknowledging the passing time

Or the swelling chasm, since what wasn’t there was longing

Never hearing it the awaited ringing tone


Abandonment, but still no shift in my tone

“Is it my fault that it had come to an end?”

Was I too insistent or not forward enough with my longing?

Pretending I was more than existing

None to deny my feelings this time

I could not bring our former relationship anew


How can I now create myself anew?

To change this stale being who has existed with the same tone

I am grime, not an epic, I am not a testament to time

My lungs are still expanding, deflating, but nothing has come to an end

Laying in bed and covering my eyes, “Are you too only existing?”

Concealing my phone under my pillow will not hide my longing


Who knew that time equated longing?

Consciousness must be dealt with anew

Change of scene, I cannot afford to only be existing

Classes with professors speaking with the same senseless tone

New schedules; a futile effort that will never end

The Greatest Plot Twist of All: “Do yourself a favor and stop existing?”


The forgotten sound, the baffling sound, of a ringing tone

These feelings of desperation must end.

A mysterious being forgotten, a call for assistance: “Classmate is it time?”


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