Why is the sky blue?

Let's make it purple.


Why is the grass green?

Color it blue.


Why do humans have such beastly attitudes?

Put a smile on their face.


Living in a world such as ours, 

We, as humans, have taken it for granted.


Pollution, Landfills, Filthy mouths. 

Killings, fighting, and empty bellies.


Why have we let this world wrap us in its finger,

and turn us into animals?


Why haven't we stood up for the people that live on the street,

With no food or water. No family members to go to.


Why do we allow ourselves to pass by them when we have 

Change in our pockets to give them?


Why do we believe we are better than others

Who we pass by on the streets  or school?


Why don't we look in the mirror, and see-

Not the face that stares back.


But the change we can do.


Why is the sky blue?

Let's make it a rainbow.







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