Word to Your Mother



Words change, propel, inspire,

Words give, comfort, guide,

Words cripple, damage, diminish,

but, words connect.

Words connect hearts, sentences, and people.

And words destroy connections just the same.

At a young age we decide

"mama" and "dada" don't cut it,

"me," "myself," and "I" take the cake,

and "he," "she," and "they,"

are bigger, better, and best.

Words are tools and words are weapons,

Words are protection and words are danger.

Words are aid, stability, and shelter.


When the world came crashing down,

The world of words became a haven.

Words were a means to create

more than the rest of the world can destroy.

Without words there would be no,

"beauty," "love," or "laughter,"

because words are the basis of creation.

Words drive hostility, horror, and hate,

but words urge reconciliation.

Words form poetry, prose, and melodies,

Words are the backbone of society.

Words can be a volitile desease,

but words are the greatest medicine of all.

I implore you to use your words, abuse your words,

and choose your words, before you lose your words,

For, words may cause the greatest of heartaches,

but words are a gift, to treasure and wield.





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