The World Around Me


The world around me is like a prison

Capturing the demons that live within it

Torturing their bodies, invading their souls

Held captive, waiting to be freed

Confined to their life


The world around me is like music

Forgiving and gentle

Not judging, always present and not harmful

It speaks desires and dreams, it’s self-expressing

It helps to heal and mend even the deepest wounds


The world around me is a river

Winding and turning into unknown directions

Calming and soothing to the eye

Flowing and never-ending

Mysterious and shadowy within


The world around me is like rain

Tears of the innocent that plummet to the ground

Falling, dwindling, vanishing

Changing constantly, going unnoticed

Forgotten, overlooked recollections scattered everywhere


The world around me is like clay

Taking a new shape everyday

Forming, molding into something new

Something beautiful

Something that will be remembered



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