A Bigger Impact

Do dream jobs really exist?

In this case, reality is dismissed.

Because if it is in a dream,

Then it can no longer follow the theme.


But escaping reality,

Pretending to live in a place beyond normality,

My dream job doesn’t have to do with the salary,

Or trying to get my art in a gallery,

Or pathing roads over gravel;

My dream job is to travel.


I may have money issues along the way.

And others may stop and say

“There is no way she will make it.”

But with my ambition and wit,

I will find a route to explore.

Because I want to do more.

Help the children that struggle,

The ones that sleeps in a tunnel.

To bring medical care,

Because each child is rare.

And this life is not fair.

So while you sit in a chair,

My dream job would impact lives.


While your dream job may be to act,

I want to leave a larger impact.

And what money and support we lack;

We will get back.

Because each child deserves a chance,

While most people don’t even glance.

I want to help the weak and tired,

So that America will become inspired.



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