In All Honesty

In all honesty,

 The world could be a better place,

More oxygen, less carbon dioxide,

Hole in the ozone as unrealistic as the




 Spewing from pretty faces,


In all honesty,

You’re breathing air someone else could be breathing,


Someone who will put their mind to good use,

From whose brain, ideas could be seething

If not for the clots of sheer stupidity

Placed their by their own oxygen deficiency

Because you’re filling the atmosphere

With useless words and air that’s


To breath,


A cookie once told me a fortune,

Said to me that the great aim of education

Was not Knowledge but Action,

And even though we are in school for decades,

Most of us will amount to nothing of Use,


We will be Wastes of Space,

Gas Guzzlers,

Consumers of everything Alive,

Leaving the Wastes to decompose

In Putrid Masses,

Never giving back to the

Mother that raised Us,


We’re breathing air someone else could be breathing.


We’re going to make fusses of our grades,


Make more fusses,

Graduate again,

And afterwards

Have nothing to show for it,


No great contribution will be made to the World

By the girls who sat in Calculus

And complained,

Never learning ho to be

Problem Solvers,


No inspiring innovation will be thought of

By the boys who talked through Chemistry,

Never learning how to

Think Outside The Box,


No medical miracles will be performed

By the students who texted through Biology,

Never learning to

Look at the World around Them

And See the Possibilities,


I think we all have the Potential

Brain’s as Big as Einstein’s,

As Bright as Edison’s,

As Wise as Lincoln’s,


But We Don’t Try.


And So People Die.


In wars and stores,

In hospital rooms,

In Third Worlds,


And it is We Students that should be held


It is We Students that should make

The Change.






In all honesty... Your poetry is brilliant. This, Autumn's Child, and Beneath the Snow... Absolutely amazing


Wow! Thank you so much!!

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