To do what has not been done,

To try to help or try anew.

Will you climb the tallest mountain

Or try your hand at swordsmanship,

Maybe grant the needy a supple wish?

Will you survive and fly,

Fly across the valley meek,

Up in a glider for a week?

perhaps to travel to a distant land,

Maybe now is the time to make a stand.

Finally learn the language of your family,

Or arrive in Africa on a safari.

to the animals on the edge of extinction,

How would you feel knowing of your race's execution?

To take a risk is a chance taken,

A chance taken is an adventure awakened:

Find the magic,

Seek the villain,

Put a stop to him and devise the gain.

Never again a boring story,

One that never spoke out for it's beliefs-

It will all change.


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