Dear Haters.

Tue, 12/26/2017 - 18:44 -- Aayushi

Dear haters,

So worried about cultural appropriation and racial discrimination,
That we forget to value the beauty of each individual person,
Skin color and languages spoken,
Acceptance of these qualities are utterly broken,
To the point that being different is looked down upon,
To the point where they pull the trigger on the gun,
But don’t they say that we are all the same?
We are not the same,
But our differences should be embraced,
Instead our differences are like propane,
That fuels the hatred coursing through our veins,
Perpetuating this socially imbalanced cycle,
That threatens the state of our moral survival,
Pushing people to be spiteful and spiral,
Instead of supporting and loving,
Instead of forgiving and trusting,
We have the nerve to resort to doing nothing,
Because YOU are living in a state of denial,
That you have never contributed to that hateful cycle,
This wrong.
We are all guilty of promoting hate,
Our judgemental thoughts and pettiness translate,
To negligence of the kindness we can exhibit to our human race,
But it is not too late to change,
You just have to be willing to exchange,
That inflated balloon of ego for a new perspective,
That values human life and promotes acceptance,
Because when you say that change is absolutely impossible,
It is you that can be held truly responsible.

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Our world


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