The Change

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 13:45 -- mlowe04

As I walk across the street,

all I see is anger and fear.

Men yelling with every meet,

and women without any cheer.


The sadness upon all in sight;

children playing but getting beat,

animals with no where to go,

just in need of a single treat.


This must change.

This must change, I repeat.

People need to show compassion,

and treat each others with respect.

Everyone has feelings,

so how we care is vital.


Watch the women smiling,

all the children with popsicle rings.

Those men letting people cross,

and waving as they see them too.


This is the change that must occur.

Joy and happiness as the world connects.

A moment of peace, that's all that I ask.

In this moment, we are one.  


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