The Key to Change

If I could change one thing

What would it be?

I’d have to change everything

I knew that was the key


I took time to think it through

The answer wasn’t plain

Eventually I took a peculiar view

That is difficult to explain


I wouldn’t take away the hate

For it defines the kindness

And the pain is part of our fate,

As is joy, and as is rightness


You might say I could stop the lies

The poverty or war

But I don’t believe it would be wise

To change what was Before


So if I had the chance to change our world

Whether it be stitched nicely

Or a tad unfurled

I’d know my answer, precisely


We might see evil everywhere

It seems it might prevail

But there are just as many people who care

That integrity will not fail


For each one that hurts, there is one that heals

For one that steals, one gives

And for each whose life unreels

There is one who lives, yes! LIVES!


So if I had the chance to change one thing

I don’t believe I’d have the heart

No matter how sharp the sting

To let go of the goodness, we had from the start


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