The change


Why would i ever wish to change the world?

Many would wish to cure disease and safe their loved ones.

Who would blame them? However this world would grow to 

big to be safe, we would save our loved ones but kill the earth.


Many would wish for world peace

But there will always be vengeance in our hearts

lust and greed drive the thoughts of many of man.

In times of great need the power hunger would take the stand

and make our peace so much more unsatisfying.


Many would wish for selfish things in

light of being able to fix one thing.

More food, more water, more money.

We have more than enough food

in the united states alone to save everyone.

How sad, there is on 2.7 % of drinkable water

on this earth but we can share.

Money is just a medium of exchange is has no real value.

Only the value that we place on it. 


We have children,

children getting pregnant

because they are praised to do so,

Parents throwing them as huge baby shower,

and their friends cooing over them,

whatever happened to cooing when you graduated,

when you went to college.


Our images have become skewed and awkward.


We allow young women and men to to be bullied in schools,

we allow them to feel the pain and hardships

we make them wonder if life matters.

We are responsible for all of the suicides.


What I would wish if i had one wish

is the able to change people.

We are greed, forgetful, hurtful,

nasty and despicable creatures.

Children and people are abused

and misused, neglected and convinced

they are worth nothing to anyone.

We are all the same in the core of us.


Each and everyone of us are searching and wanting. 

not every search is the same nor every need.

We only think of one think. "me" "i" 

what happens when we die? 

"our loved ones" lining up for our will.

I would change us. i would wish with

all the pain of thousands of children,

with all the hunger of a thousand nations,

with all the lost and hurt feelings of generations,

with all the pain we have inflicted upon ourselves

i would change us.

So that we can feel.


Life is precious and can Easley be

dimmed in the growing darkness of the world.

We have the power to fight that light,

In every shadow there is hope,

maybe a glimmer maybe a small

unseen hidden from the world

but there is hope,

hope for mankind.


Life is no something to be taken,

nor stolen, or borrowed, all we have is time.

SO take the time to listen, 

so take the time to say that one last i love you

so take the time to be there, not later but now.

How long do we have? how long do YOU have? 

we have to start some where, 

might as well "start with the man in the mirror."




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