When a thought is born,

A transformation happens.

It flows through my hands

And onto paper.

Like a butterfly in metamorphosis,

My words change from

A seemingly unimportant thing

Into something beautiful

And hopeful.

Sometimes, my words can be

A moving lament.

On occasion, my thoughts are,

Indeed, quite dark and mysterious . . .

But mystery that is solved,

A broken heart turned to song,

Hopelessness into joy,

And fantasy made real,

Poetry, and poets, have this power.

To laugh, to cry,

To hope, to despair.

To become amazed beyond imagination,

To use imagination to amaze . . .

With words, one man moved

An entire race of people.

With words, one woman

Moved unnoticed by a people.

With words, especially poetry,

We can make all things

Become one with us.

A powerful metamorphosis

Is what poetry is, and can do.



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