If I had the power to change things
I would not change much
Just the direction of my feet
When the ground is hard and
Laden with a cobbled facade
I would change the sound of a tragedy
to concerning, rather than disconcerting.
Inspire mountains to glow in the night
To chase away the shadows that roam
With the Sun's back turned.
A glance I would grant universal jurisdiction
So all might be arrested and released
In one instant
Captivated by the beauty that is so divinely

Presently, I look forward
And all I see
Is the world
At such a glance;
The things I can see
Through innocence
Through ignorance
Perhaps logically conceived?
All I see . . .
Is me

Then again
When I think about it
The one thing I would change
Is easy
Because, of all things physical
Of everything mental and spiritual
I would not change a single thing
Not one element, not one fallacy, nor that perceived
Because it should not be me
That someone with power should see
It is us.


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