Sat, 02/22/2014 - 12:09 -- Broken


Permed pressed and pampered
My hair, oh my hair.
Its beend abused and tampered with
Since I was young how could I dare

To go natural?
Is there a chance
The things we do to make our hair lateral
Think about how much it costs to finance

Its so costly
But we think straight hair equals beauty
No the money we spend is ungodly
This is simply unruly

Empty pockets and broke banks
For what? Flatirons, thread, installs, and hair weave
All the monet we crank out
You wouldn't believe

In order to to look beautiful
But the beauty can be achieved easily
Im only being truthful
It may sound cheesy

But i am beautiful just how I am
And it will be wat less expensive
If I were to go natural.


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