Wed, 04/16/2014 - 18:48 -- Sharra

As the stars shine in the night sky, 
I think about my life. 
As I watch the clouds pass by, 
I think about how fast time flies. 
When I watch a flower bloom or an opening of and old cocoon, 
It all remind me of you. 
All the memories we shared, 
And all the times we cared. 
You were the one that brightened my day, 
The one to show me that I can change. 
You were the reason that I bloomed, 
And the reason that I hatched from my cocoon. 
But now that time has gone away, 
As fast as a cloud that moves in the day. 
You left as fast as I who has changed. 
I would not forget those times we shared, 
Because it was you who loved me and cared.


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