Blind words lead no where,

blind thoughts get no where,

blind concernes never see the light,

and blind is your fear that we will  not survive.


We may not pay attention,

we might not be too bright,

we could even need your help sometimes,

and we may get lost but we will still survive.


Say what you want, that theres no hope for us,

say what you wish, it does'nt change a thing,

say that you have done all that you can,

and say that you wont remember us, but we all know you will.


They are all teachers, up and about,

they all are teaching their knowledge and thoughts to the crowd,

they do not know that we will survive, even without all this knowledge in mind,

and they think that we wont remember them, but we will, those teachers that failed us dear. 


Blind concerns lead to no affect,

we dont know any better yet,

say its ignorance but we all know, thats not bliss,

they should have warned us, we would have been grateful if they did.



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