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Sun, 01/07/2018 - 23:35 -- poet22d

They say that the war between good and evil is a war that can never be won, that where there is light, darkness must come. I’m not saying that shadows are bad, that darkness is wrong,  orshould be exiled, I’m saying that darkness is not the name to call the war between our world.  I’m saying that so much is misunderstood on this world, on this earth, everyone has tried to reach the epiphany of what is wrong with our world, and so they think up there hypotheses, and build solutions in their heads. Everyone tries to be the lead builder, and the brawl between that, the brawl between ego delays, the making of the house, and the solution never gets built. Everyone turns on everyone, everyone forgets the biggest lesson of them all,that we have to work together, we need unity, we don’t need a leader, we need many leaders,we need the term leader to be a noun of plural meaning. Leader as in multiple people, not leaders where there are thousands upon millions of leaders, but just one, as in us. Is it too much to ask all of you to look at us,at us,as in we,not I,not you,us. All of us, everyone. Please, can we just be one without being equal.  If we all were just one, we could accomplish so much.. If we pooled everythingwe ever knew, we ever thought, every dream, wish, desire we have ever had everyone would seethat every person is a puzzle piece to the great design, that every problemdoes indeed have a solution, or has the possibility to have one.  That everyone’s problems when known, that someone out there in our vast universehas the answer, and it’s not the judgement of the persons personality, physical appearance,it’s the soul answering.  Everyone misunderstands, underestimates each other,and thinks that just because each person is differentfrom them that they are automatically the enemy, the outlier.  A baby can have the answer to the greatest of questions, but no one listens to a baby do they? They listen to babble, and call it cute, and innocent. They underestimate the possibilities that a baby possesses, everyone,and I mean everyone, animals, people, trees, everything is a puzzle piece,a solution waiting to be heard, is an answer waiting to speak up.  Can we not just take every single person in this entire world, and let everyone of them speak, everyone of them speak.The world meeting.The meeting of not presidents and “appointed leaders” but everyone, citizens, of any class,people of any nature, of any peculiarity, can everyone just join this meeting and listen.  We let fear swallow us, we let being human keep us down, keep us tethered to the chaining gravity that binds us. But this world is indeed boundless, but we are the ones who have put ourselves here, we are the ones who have made our own chains, our own lack of freedom.  Every person wants to be special, deep deep down inside they want to be heard and acknowledged and given credit..and our society shames the desire to be special, to be considered,and the denied request creates greed, shame, guilt, anger, all of which are different reflections, and facets of hate. There is no such thing as indifference, indifference is a myth, everyone cares, some part of everyone cares. We put the most seemingly damaged people in a box and label them psychopathic,sociopathic, other names by the scientific tonguethat originate from the symptom of no feelings, of being void of emotion. But people, have you not considered that “lost” doesn’t mean not ever going to be found? Does anyone even consider the many myths, and illusions of the world?  Can everyone just take off your blinders, think hard and lift the amnesia that you let hold you? There is no man or woman, or being behind the curtain, it’s us. We do everything unto us, there is no fate, other than our own,we craft our prophecies, bind our own books of fate, we make our own paths,no one, and I mean no one else.  We are all just many reflections of the same mirror, of the same being. We are all split halves, we all are divided, don’t you see? That once we are whole we are complete,and we will be one as we have been intended to be. It’s the purpose, of us all. Don’t you see that history is just trial over trial? that our world only continues, that time still exists as a crutch of support to aid us, to give us infinite time to complete our project to become one.The universe is giving us more time.The universe is not cruel, the world is not cruel, there is nothing cruel in this world, there is so much beauty here, so much undiscovered beauty in even the worst of places.  The obstacles of our life, and life is another box, a box to where our ego lies, our will to live and thrive and compete, and the discord is born. That we all think that death is scary,a formidable foe, but that fear, don’t you see that death is an illusion, it’s an empty threat, there is a reason that we see nothing but blackness when we try to die, because there is no leaving, unless we are meant to.  If we were to forget the myths, and the fear and unmask the illusions, just like we confront the monsters under our beds, how we confront the skeletons hidden in our closets,if only we gain the courage to pull off the mask of this problem of this enemy we can then solve it.  We haven’t even properly identified the problem, if we haven’t even unmasked the illusions, and took away the disorientations, the blurs. If we see with eyes wide open, fully open, and we see with clear eyes everyone will see, and there will be no more needed to be said.  Because the answer is the simplest, most beautiful answer, of them all. It’s us. 

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