'Delta' is my state of being

With each passing second I am never the same person I was moments before.
A flower constantly grows, always changing, becoming, and blooming; 
Always having a recognizable image but is never completely the same.
I am always seeing, hearing, feeling, experiencing and learning from my surroundings.
I cannot describe who or what I am, only my state of being, constantly in change.
For it is impossible to describe something that is never the same as each second goes by.
You will never truly understand who I am for you did not go through my life such as I.
If I were to say I am a happy person even through each failure I stumble upon,
The statement may be true for that specific moment, to later be a fable.
There will never be one description of who I am, only a statement that is as variable as I.
I am never the same, I am indescribable. 
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